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Merv Griffin

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Merv Griffin passed away today, but those game shows that he was responsible for and many other things will go on...RIP Merv
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RIP Merv
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He certainly was a pioneer in the talkshow circuit, etc. Rest in Peace Merv
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He was a staple in the horse racing and breeding world, and was the owner of the 2005 Juvenile Champion Eclipse winner (year end awards for the best horses of each catagory). He was one of the best owners; he wasn't in it for the money, he was in it for the love of the sport and the love of the horses. He absolutely HATED for his horses to be touched with the whip (unless necessary, and even then he wouldn't be happy), and he didn't want his horses to be worked harder than they needed to be. And he was so good to listen to in interviews, what with his charisma and humour and actual KNOWLEDGE of the sport (rather than being just some other rich star who got into horse racing for the money). I still remember when his Juvenile champ came back to the winners' circle after winning the Breeders' Cup Juvenile. The first thing out of his mouth was towards the jockey, something like, "Don't hurt my horse!" (the jock had used the whip during the stretch, I believe). But it wasn't in anger, it was in a way that was meant to make you laugh, but I guess it was a little way to let the jock know that he wasn't happy that the whip had to come out. He was so generous and a true gentleman. The game show world lost a star, and the horse racing world lost a star. He was worth two stars.
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Yes indeed Merv, RIP. You were a true gentle man.
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Yup, I liked him too -- he seemed like a fundamentally good guy. As a kid in the late '60s, I watched his talk show after school every day.

I remember one time in conversation with a guest, he said something like, "You know those really thin, scratchy washcloths they have in hotels? I love those! You can't buy those in a store, the ones you buy are all plush and velvety and they don't do a thing for your face, but those hotel washcloths, now that's something you can really scrub with! So every time I stay in a hotel, I steal the washcloths."

And of course, years later, he became a hotelier himself. I'll bet the washcloths in his hotels are like BURLAP!
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Aww, I always like him, and I bet he was a very nice man in person. I didn't know he was into horse racing too. Anyone that loves animals that much has to be a good person.

RIP Merv.
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Many, many accomplishments in his lifetime.
RIP Merv.
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