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FINALLY things are going better!

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The re-rescue of Spooky sure helped bring the rest of the family together! But they're going to have to say their good-byes to Munchie.

Our assistant, who rescued a declawed older kitty several months ago, has decided her kitty, Sarah, needs a friend. Munchie is the perfect kitty for her. She's teeny, LOVES other cats, and just wants to play, eat and be loved.

Munchkin is the cutest thing in the world. But we rescued her the youngest, and she's really well socialized. And she'll love anybody. Spooky and Gary have "a thing," so Spooky is staying with us.

We know our assistant really well. She's incredibly organized, and really a fanatic about cleaning. We're taking Munchie to her home (so we get to see it without having to ask to!) - but we've been talking cats with her ever since she rescued Sarah, so I don't have any reservations DESPITE all the trauma and drama that's been happening around here lately.

I'm going to miss Munchie and her antics, but our assistant is a wonderful woman, and I know Munchie will love not competing for attention with three other cats!

Besides - four in here is too many!!!!!

I think Lazlo will miss her the most though. It's weird - this is the first time they've done this. I wonder if they know she's leaving? (This Saturday!)
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What a precious picture. Munchkin is lucky to have you looking out for her and arranging a forever home.
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Aww that is wonderful. I know it will be hard to see that pretty little thing go, but at least she will go to a good home this time. I agree, Munchkin is lucky to have you and Gary and so are Lazlo, Shelly, Juli, Spooky and Booger!
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Oh that is great news! I have been reading your posts about this and am really glad to see the tide has finally changed and things are looking up! You are an angel to have helped these kitties so much! :angel2:
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While she will miss you and the other cats (almost as much as you will miss her), I am positive she will grow to love her new home because she is such a sweety! I am sure your assistant will allow you some visitation rights!

BTW - I love the pic! Trying to get all of their snuggles in before she goes!
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Well, you said when you brought her inside that you were trying to foster. I guess no matter what was decided at the time your first thought was correct. I'm so glad Munchie is going to a good home, and I'm sure she will love it there.

That is a very sweet picture, and I think you are right. I think they do know what's going on and saying their feline goodbyes. I know you will miss her (we will miss hearing about her and seeing her cute pictures too!), but I think she is going to a place where she can flourish.
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Cats are very intuitive, and they know when something is up. They probably picked up on the fact that you and Gary have picked Munch up a little more, hugged her more, gave her more pets, saying goodbye the only way you can, showing your love.

I am glad you are finding such wonderful homes for these magnificent creatures. I know you will miss Munch, but my guess is there are more in the woods just waiting for their time.
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Munchie's gone.

Lazlo, Sheldon and Munchie started playing together last night at about 3:00 in the morning. They didn't stop.

We clipped ALL of Munchie's claws really well (she's going to a home with a declawed cat) early this morning, and we played with all of them until she left with Gary about an hour ago.

I was planning to go, but Shelly and Laz were so nutting out - and I mean it. Behaviour we've never seen out of them. They were obviously really upset, and had lots of nervous energy to work off.

They SO knew something was up. The three of them literally tumbled around together for hours and hours and hours.

I told Munchie she's going to have a fabulous new mommy, and she won't have to compete so much for attention. She's going to have an older sister who doesn't have claws, so please take care of her.

We sent her along with a HUGE care package. ALL of her favorite toys. Her litterbox (with tall sides, because she's such a digger). Her hidey-crate. Her little baby condo. Clippers (because her new mum won't have any). Her hairball formula, her food (so her new mum can transition over a few days), her favorite treats, and her favorite of all, Whiskas Cat Milk.

I just realized - we have no pictures of me and Munchie together! Well - it's too late now. They're off. Gary's such a sweetheart. He keeps calling every 15 minutes or so to make sure I'm OK. Of course, I'm fine, until he calls, and THAT makes me cry again.

We rescued the other cats, but we literally saved Munchkin's life.

I'm going to miss her very much - even though I WILL appreciate a little bit of sanity around here. I'm sure the boys and Spooky will, too.

We'll all miss her. But at least we can get daily updates! I LOVE that we're adopting her to someone we know and work closely with. THAT is a relief!

Lazlo started his good-byes a few days ago too:
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Such a bittersweet two days for you Laurie. Muchie and Boog are both going to really good homes - you KNOW that with these two! - but they won't be with you. You did save Munchie's life and are giving her a very good life.

((((HUGS)))) This is supposed to be a happy time. You care giving these cats a chance at a very happy and healthy and loved life that they never would have had if not for you and Gary.
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What wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for you! And it must be somewhat of a comfort to know it's not really good-bye since you know this gal. You are such a wonderful person! You really go all out for these furbabies! They are all so lucky to have been loved and saved by you and your family.

Those pictures are absolutely adorable!
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Glad to hear Munchie is going to a good forever home! She deserves it, and you gave her such a good start!

And try not to be too sad.....maybe you can still go and see her occasionally??
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That picture just made me tear up Laurie. What a sweet bunch you have! You can tell that motorhome is serene and filled with love.
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That pic is saturated with the looks of TOTAL CONTENTMENT!

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Laurie, I've read all your post recently - phew what a rollercoaster ride you guys have been through.

Well - Munchkin has a loving new home, so's Boog. Spooky is safe, and Julius is on the mend.

Not quite perfect, but hugely better than a couple of days ago. Now you've got space indoors (well, a little more space than you had before), will Juli be moving in with you when he gets out of hospital?
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Quote from Laurie:

I just realized - we have no pictures of me and Munchie together! Well - it's too late now. They're off. Gary's such a sweetheart. He keeps calling every 15 minutes or so to make sure I'm OK. Of course, I'm fine, until he calls, and THAT makes me cry again.

You have just the best husband in the whole world!!!! I wish all men were as caring and sweet as he is!!! You are so lucky!!!

I am so glad Munchie is going to have such a good home!!! (not that she didn't already have with you) I know you will miss her, but she is going to be very happy with your assistant, I'm sure. *hugs*
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Yola - no. Much as we would LOVE to, we're not bringing Julius home. We had Lazlo, Sheldon, and Munchkin here when we brought Spooky home. It is quite clear that the RV is just not big enough for four. If they already knew each other and were "friends" BEFORE coming in here, it might work. We've created so many places and levels for them - but it was complete turmoil. Spooky is very aggressive to the other cats, and they're taking out their frustration in other ways (running insanely around, knocking things off table and counters, fighting A LOT with each other, etc.)

Things had just started to calm down a little bit - but they all picked up on the fact that SOMETHING was going on. I thought Lazlo was going to miss her the most, but Sheldon actually seems angry.

Munchkin left yesterday, and we're on the phone with her new mum right now.

Sarah (existing cat at home) slept with mum in bed last night, as usual, but basically retreats to bathroom (her safe place). Munchkin remains in her crate (door open). (Munchie's crate was her safe place here, too, and the place she frequently slept). Munchkin has not come out since yesterday afternoon to eat, drink or use the litterbox. While on the phone, new mum put a little milk (Whiska's cat mile) out for her, and she krept out for a few licks, but retreated again. But her tail was up as she came over! That's got to be a good sign, right? Munchie's favorite thing in the world is that milk.

BUT, at least Sarah is starting to get back to her normal routine. And they're both being scaredy cats - no one is being aggressive. New mum is comfortable with what's going on, and expected it would take some time. She knows about TCS, but has no computer at home, and in the office they're cracking down on personal time on the PC.
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I'm sure Munchie will adjust to her new home, and I'm glad new mom isn't expecting miracles. You did the right thing by Munchie, Laurie. I just wanted to reiterate that. She will be so happy there once she adjusts.
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Well, I don't even know what to say. After all of that.... I'm beginning to think Gary and I must have a black cloud hanging over our heads.

Munchkin and Sarah got into a tiff last night, and Sarah got scratched. Not badly, not enough to see a vet, but enough for our assistant to take Munchkin to her cousin's in the middle of the night.

Our assistant lives in a studio apartment - large enough for two cats, but has no way to keep Munchie in a separate room and do the slow intro.

Our assistant doesn't want to bring her back home, and we're not going to try to talk her into it.

I don't know her cousin, but I know she has a dog.

What the heck do we do now? Do we let this person we don't know keep Munchkin? Or do we bring her back home?

Bringing her back home means putting her in a boarding facility until we find a new home for her or until a spot in the no-kill shelter opens up, because she can't live in here, and she can't live outside.

Spooky, Lazlo, and Sheldon have settled their issues and things have calmed down around here. We know from last week that four is too many in here.

I'm just so darn discouraged. I need a bigger home. But even if I wanted to buy one around here, we don't have the money.

Munchie is so darn sweet.

None of these kitties deserve this.

Gary and I are never going to try to adopt out a kitten again. The no-kill shelters have programs set up, screening processes in place, adoption programs, etc. We'll just wait it out with our outside gang until the slots there are open.

So - what the heck do we do? Board her or leave her at the cousins house? With a dog? That little teeny Munchie.

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Your assistant must have known that there was going to be an adjustment period? You say she is in a studio apartment, there *must* be a way, a temporary way to keep the two apart. Some type of make shift shelter?

I'm quite surprised that your assistant gave the cat up so quickly. There is always some adjustment and you just don't give up after so soon.

Poor Munch, and now a home with a dog.

I would try something with a make shift barrier at your assistants.....that's *if* she takes Munch back.

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oh Laurie, I am so sorry it didn't work out for Munchie in her new home *sniff*

I don't have much advice for you, I know you said the kitty can't come home with you, nor live outside. I only hope something works out so this beautiful kitty can have a forever home.

You are in my thoughts.
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Daniela, thank you so much.

Kassandra - I KNOW!!!! Again - I sent along a thick package of articles and stuff from TCS with Munchie (LITERALLY a how-to handbook, PERSONALIZED), we discussed it endlessly, and Gary spent over an hour and half with her at her home with Munchkin.

We have a very large dog crate that we used when we intro'd Munchie here, and Munch is such a tiny thing there was room for her own litter box, a place to sleep, a place for food and water, AND a place to play.

But obviously Linda didn't understand, and doesn't have the patience, despite all the discussions and the stuff we sent along to read. We told her it could literally be weeks, and we know people for whom it was months.

She gave it one and half days.

Well, if that's her level of tolerance, DESPITE everything we provided to her and all the talks we had, I'm NOT going to push the issue.

The hardest part of it all is not what I'm feeling, but what we've put these poor cats through.

I'm sick over the whole thing.

Just sick.

The worst part of it all is that I'm upset with Linda. I've lost my respect for her, and that just s*&Ks. And yet I can't let it affect our professional relationship.

The whole thing stinks, and I can't believe what we've done to these poor cats.

The poor, poor kitties.

I've GOT to talk Gary into having Munchie back in here.

The problem with the dog crate is that it is so big it doesn't really fit any where in our home. During the day we set it on the bed, and at night we moved it to in front of the door. It's so big it covers the whole stairwell (two steps down from living room to door).

Poor, poor kitties.

I'm so sick over all of this. I think I said that already.

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I just can't believe these people - ALL of them! Poor Munchie. You did what you could, Laurie. You'd think you can't go wrong with someone you know personally. The really sad thing is that more than likely, Munchie was just protecting herself since Sarah is the resident cat. God, 1 1/2 days?!? Ophelia didn't even come out of hiding when we moved in 1 1/2 days! What did she expect - for them to be best friends immediately? GRRRRR!

I'm so sorry this isn't working out for Munchie. Perhaps you can inquire and give more suggestions to Linda in a gentle way that won't seem like pushing the issue. I can attest to the fact that a declawed cat can live peacefully with a clawed cat, even be the Alpha.
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Laurie, I am so sad to hear about your bad news about Munchie.

I really hope things work out for you and Munchie you both deserve it.
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Well, keep your fingers crossed! Things may be working out for the best! This is a different cousin!!!!!!

This is a married cousin, an older couple. (Linda's in her upper 40s with two grown children). This couple has no pets! It isn't the one with the dog! They're supposedly somewhat wealthy, and Linda's cousin is "falling in love" with Munchie. She hopes her hubby loves her too. She's already out and playing, and she thinks she's too cute.

She is! She's also silky soft, and if she could be a one-cat kitty in a home with someone essentially home all day (not working, anyway), I think she'd be in heaven.

Hopefully I'll find out more tonight.

Please Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please

(I've got to stop reacting so strongly to each little step along the way. Gheez - you stop practicing meditation for a couple of years and turn into an emotional roller coaster basket case!)
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Hope this is the spot for Munchie (with Linda's cousin) -- sending positive brain waves your direction!!!
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We've all been on that rollercoaster with you Laurie! That does sound like a great place for little Munchie! She would definitely not have to compete for attention, and she's so cute I'm sure it won't take long for her to make the man of the house fall in love with her.

Fingers crossed for the little dear!
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My fingers are crossed too! Please please please!
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Laurie, I hope this works out for the little sweetie. Even though she isn't our cat, I think most of us here are on that rollercoaster ride with you. We'll just keep hoping for the usual board magic.
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