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Update, please help!

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I went in to check on Cookie (she lost her mucous plug last night) and she laid on the floor on her side and lifted her back leg towards her head like she was going to clean herself. She just laid there like that, on her side with her leg lifted, for a couple minutes and then finally brought the leg all the way up and began grooming her paw.

She has been eating a ton and I am having to clean her box every 20 minutes because she is having so many BMs.

I hope she has them soon!
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Sure sounds like it.
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Still nothing. I'm beginning to get pretty worried.
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Is she having contractions?if so how long has she been having them?
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She hasn't gone into labor yet but I'm pretty sure she lost her mucous plug sometime yesterday. Around 10:30 last night, I checked on her and I saw a reddish conical shaped thing, very small, stuck to the fur just below her vagina. It was being followed by some thick whitish discharge and the reddish thing had dried up. I assumed that it was her mucous plug because I didn't know what else it could be. Was I right to assume that that's what it was? And if so, shouldn't she have gone into labor by now?
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Sorry I dont know what time zone you are in.If she lost the plug at 10.30 last night what time is it now where you are?how many hours/day between then and now?
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Do you think it was her plug? It is 8:40pm here now.
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It does sound like it.Can you feel any movement at all?try placing your fingertips underneath her hind leg onto her belly and see if you feel any move ment.
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I can feel them moving, not quite as much as a couple days ago, but they ARE kicking and rolling around in there.

I just don't know if I should take her to the vet or wait until morning. Everything I have read said that they should start labor no more than 24 hours after losing the plug. Like I said, I have no idea when she actually lost it; I only know when I SAW it.
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forgot to ask how is her breathing?how is she acting?
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She is acting normal. Was pretty loving earlier, maybe unusually so but I can't be sure as I know I am probably reading into everything. She has also been sleeping and eating a lot. Earlier she was using her box like every 20 minutes (mostly BMs) and I think she was having some bloody discharge. Also, when she uses the box, half the time she gets half of the poo on the floor, just outside the box. She has never done that before today.

Her breathing seems fine, maybe a little more rapid but again, I can't say for sure.
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Can you see if there is a kitten near her opening?does it look like there may be one stuck?

I think you need to call your vet and let them know what is happening,that way if she doesnt start with the birth they will be prepared for her to come in.If she cant pass them she will need a caesarian
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The opening is still closed, looks normal as well. What has me worried is that labor hasn't even STARTED yet.

Could she be delaying it because maybe she isn't comfortable in the room I have her in? Can she even do that once she loses her plug?
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Ive heard they can delay for a while dont know how long though,but they cant delay the inevitable,however much they try

has she not even been straining or anything at all?

where do you have her?
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She's not straining or anything

I have her in an unused bathroom. It is the only room of the house that isn't used and is also where she stays while we are at work or when we go out. I know she is comfortable in there, but I'm starting to wonder if she would just rather have them elsewhere...
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Is it dangerous for it to have been so long no matter how she is acting? Should I take her to the vet even though she is not in any discomfort?
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Her having the whitish discharge would be a big concern to me...I have only seen a clear/bloody tinged discharge with cat's I've watch deliver. And if it was her mucus plug...she should be having contractions by now. If it were me,I'd be taking her in or at least calling an emergency vet and see what they thought.
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sorry dont know what happened to the post i just posted but its not here so i start again.

I would let her have free roam if she wants as it may stimulate her more.let her settle where she wants to.

Yes it is dangerous if they cant pass them,the kittens can die and she will get infected and worst case she will die too if left too long.
I think you should call your vet and let them know what is happening.it is coming upto 24 hours now.
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I called but she didn't seem to have any idea what she was talking about; just kept taking my lead and agreeing with everything I told HER. The whitish discharge last night was very minimum; after that she had a decent string of what looked like bloody discharge. It has been bloody ever since, but just very little.
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Thank you. I am in the process of applying for care credit so I can better afford an emergency visit. I have only had under about a week and a half and I have been expecting some problems, as she is so small and young and this is supposedly her first litter.

I'll keep you updated and get her to a vet tonight.
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Was it the vet you spoke to or was it the receptionist?she doesnt sound much use!!
Call them back and ask to speak to the vet, if they are still no use call another vet
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Oh yes please let us know how everything goes

I'll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for good luck for her and the babiesI'll say a prayer too.

she sounds so young, poor baby
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"help!!", Do you have an update for us??
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I called the vet and he told me to give it another day because she doesn't seem uncomfortable. I gave it another day so I am getting ready to call again now.
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We got back from the emergency vet not long ago. Cookie has Giardia so she is being treated for that. It's a little scary because the medicine, while safe for dogs and humans (even while pregnant) has never really been tested on cats before but I guess they have never had a problem. I didn't want to wait to treat her for it until after she has the babies because I did not want her passing it to them. She vet said that she is definitely ready to have her kittens so it is just a matter of time. She suggested that Cookie is probably holding off her labor (which would explain why she has started and stopped a couple times) because of stress so I will be taking better care to keep the dog away from her and I will also stop bringing her back and forth to work with me.

Hopefully they will be here soon. Thanks for all the support!
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Good luck and keep us updated on her progress!
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How is she doing today?
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I know she has been in her nesting box quite a bit the last couple days and this morning I noticed some discharge. Her vaginal opening has also been much more noticeable, lighter in color and even maybe a little bigger. Hopefully this time she is comfortable and won't stop her labor again!
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Ohhh, waiting anxiously!!! Keep us posted!
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Haha, I will probably post here before I even call anybody about the kittens! I'll definitely let you guys know. We are going out of town this weekend so I hope she has them before then so that I won't miss it. Somebody will be coming by to check on her, feed her, and scoop the litter box anyway, though.

I will let you know! Off to work, by myself lately...no Cookie!!
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