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Originally Posted by xman View Post
Twiggy went to cancer in her 10th year.

Before that Tinkerbell, Tippytoe and Scooter were each about 16, 15 and 13 respectively when my parents put them down because the new dog didn't like them. They did it when I was away planting on the farm that spring. Each of them had some good years ahead of them and they got rid of the dog a couple of years later anyhow. That really made me mad.

oh my gosh! i love dogs, but that is horrible...
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My siamese died of natural causes at 19, she was indoor/outdoor
My first cat as an adult was PTS at 13, he lost his fight with cancer.
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Vincent Died at 13, he went in for heart sugery and all was fine but the vet tech did not refill the fluid bag thing and was pumping air into his veins and he died.....she got fired none the less
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when growing up was as follows.
Fluffy male 19 years died of kidney faliure. was on whiskers i belive most of his life(i know not a good food, but my mum has always fed her cats this untill recently when her 9 year old male started getting utis so not there on royal canin)
then we had flash who died at i think 14 he had kidney cancer
then my cat.
he was only 9 years old when we had to send him over the bridge, he had kidney cancer which started his kidneys to fail he went downhill so quickly and lost so much weight in a matter of 2 weeks.
my oldest at the moment is 15 and he did have a fit a few months back which turned out to be an infection in his liver, that was cleared up with a shot of antibiotics a 10 day course and some steroids. and his fit and healthy again.
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