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Oh my POOR kitty!!

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My poor cat Da-Ku, I feel horrible. My mom gave me a sample bag of some crappy cat food, with red dyes and by-products in it and all (my cats normally eat Premium Edge). Instead of throwing it away, I put it in the cupboard with the extra cat supplies and canned food and stuff. Over night, one of my cats broke into the cabinet and pulled out the bag of food. Da-Ku ate the WHOLE thing. He seriously had an upset tummy when I got home. He had practically explosive diarrhea last night. It was all over the apartment. On the wall by the door, on the floor, on the couch!! My boyfriend actually caught him crapping on the couch. He was pissed and left for the night because he knew Da-Ku couldn't help it but was really fed up with so many cats and litterbox smells and everything. Anyways, poor Da-Ku, he was already in the process of a series of dewormings so his stools were a little off to begin with. Then this! He is in a large cage now, with no food for the day and just water to keep hydrated and rest. Poor guy, he looked really off yesterday, I could tell he was feeling sick right away. Hopefully he is better when I get home from work in a couple hours. He cries his pitiful little low-pitched meow when he is upset
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Poor little guy, stomach issues are tough! I hope he is recovering and your boyfriend gets over it. My husband is always grumbling about cat hair and hairballs, too.
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Sending vibes to poor Da-Ku! Poor little guy - that has GOT to be so uncomfortable! Hope he's not diarrhetic (sp?) super soon!!!!!


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