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How long does it take

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How long will it take for Mellow to get used to his coller, i put it on this morning a few minutes ago and he is running around the appartment, and being skitish, also how tight should you put it on, how many fingers should you be able to fit through, I dont want it to tight or to loose.

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I was never able to put a collar on any cat here. My Rainbow Angel Divot got his jaw caught in his; when we tightened it, it wore the fur off his neck. Rainbow Angel Baffy managed to take hers off every time we put it on. So I gave up entirely.

If you really need to do this, get a quick release collar and make sure 1 finger can get between the cat's neck and the collar. Good luck.
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It might take days or weeks. We had a collar on Ling for awhile because she's black and she had the habit of wanting to get out the door, so the collar was on her with a bell to tell where she was! But she kept taking it off. She had a small neck and even the smallest collar she would get out of

After a few weeks she left it more more, but still we'd find it off her a lot. She doesn't wear any collar now cause she's better at staying away from the door if told
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Tryon and Peewee didn't mind their collar from minute one. Sammy is not so thrilled about his.

Right after I put it on him he was NOT HAPPY! And made very sure to let me know about that So I gave him some canned food to take his mind off it. He got so into the food, he totally forgot he was wearing a collar.

But be careful and don't make the collar too big! I did that the other day (duh, me) and Sammy got it in his mouth.

1 finger, no more. And be sure to use a safety collar designed for cats. I promise your kitty will forgive you eventually
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Your cat will soon get used to the collar but when it is hot collars can irritate cats but there should be 1-2 fingers between.
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It all depends on the kitty. Some of mine never liked a collar no matter what or how long we left it on. Others took to it right away. Each cat is individual. Just make sure it can not get it in its mouth.

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