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Having a hard time keeping up!

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Myn internet routine:
-Check WilliamShatner.com BBS.
-hang out there for maybe 30 minutes
-go here
-hang out as long as I can
-go to New Cats forum
-go to Health and Nutrition forum

And yet I really feel like everything is happening without me!

All I really mean to say is that I do like this forum and plan to stay. I don't plan to be a lurker. I really do want to get to know you all, but it feels like it's gonna be more work then I have time for!
So if I'm absent for a while, then return with 10,000 posts, don't be suprised.

But some one please explain to me why whenever I'm on the board, nothing much is happening, and whenever I'm gone Everything happens??

-Sarah of Borg
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Hi Sarah
Well first of all, it's really a lot of fun and there will always be new threads that you will want to reply to. Before you know it, you will feel like you really know us!!! I think it's fantastic that you are planning to stay and I look forward to seeing more posts from you!

I think the board might be busiest during the day since some members post when they are at work, and the European members are also here at that time.
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You'd think none of us have jobs, LOL! ...so much for the productivity of the American worker, huh?

Good luck keeping up! I'm on here almost every day - and I feel like I have a hard time keeping up!!!
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You're routine sounds like mine...

When I get to work (with a much more stable internet connection...)
1) Check my work email
2) Check my hotmail account
3) Log on to TCS and spend 30+ minutes catching up to what happened
4) Minimize TCS, and check every hour or so to see what's going on...

I also feel that things happen without me, but I believe it's because we have people from all over the world here (which is so cool, I like talking about my friends in Australia and the UK and...), and they are on a different schedule from me. I know when I check in in the morning, I can hear from my friends in those earlier time periods, and when I check out at night, I'll hear from my friends on the West coast.

Don't feel like you are alone. Even on Christmas day, I found people roaming around the boards. It's like a conversation, sometimes you have quiet periods, and sometimes you have everyone trying to talk at once. I'm glad you've decided to stay and be an active member!

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I work during the night and sleep 12 hour days, so the only time I get to come on is on my nights off! Then I spend 3-4 hours straight just playing catch-up. I don't go to any other forums than this one, cause it would take too long. If people find my opinions interesting and it affects another thread, then they can forward my reply to it, but I need to stay in one forum only to stay up-to-date. oh yeah, and the captions...BTW, thanks for reminding me, I need to go there.
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I check my e-mail, first thing and, then come here. Since I'm not working, I can pop in and out, all day.
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It is difficult to keep up with everything here. About the only time I'm successful is when there is nothing to do at work and I can spend almost 9 straight hours here! At least, that's the only time that I can catch up on ALL the forums. There is a rhythm and before long you'll have your own system for checking new posts. It does get less overwhelming once you get used to it.

I'm glad you decided to stay. This is a great place to hang out and meet new people.
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