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My Miracle Kitty and the road ahead...

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Hi everyone...

First time poster, here. I'm the proud momma to Nobi, a 3 year old solid black rescued kitty, and Eddie, a nearly 9 year old fluffy white ragdoll. I've had both since they were babies.

Eddie has always been an indoor cat, but a few months ago he started begging to go outside. He acted depressed, always tried to dart out the door, until finally we gave in. We let him out a bit at a time and he turned into a full-fledged outdoor kitty.

Yesterday the worst happened - Eddie was ran over by a car. A neighbor saw it happen and apparently a wheel went right over his head. Miraculously, he has survived with no body or brain trauma. He has crushed his jaw and lost one eye though.

I'll be bringing him home tonight, but I'm a bit worried. He always got along well with his little sister, but she's super playful and tended to get on his nerves from time to time. They've been apart for about a month since he's been outside, so I'm worried about re-introducing them, especially in his condition.

I know feeding will have to be done with a syringe for a few weeks...I don't have much experience with this, so any tips would be appreciated.

Finally, I'm nervous about his missing eye. I'm not sure what to expect when I pick him up tonight - I still haven't gotten over the sight of his eye from when we found him and I want to prepare myself. I also want to prepare my home - is there anything I should think about with his new situation? I'm hoping he's emotionally ok, also, and have no clue what to expect.

I appreciate any insight or advice anyone my have. Sleep hasn't been an option so I've just been perusing pet owner sites and this seems like a helpful bunch.

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Let's start with the feeding as I'm syringe feeding Ezra and have some experience now. Have someone hold Eddy sitting up in their lap. Fill the syringe with watered down food so that it goes easily into the syringe. Put your had around the back of his head in front of his ears and tilt his head back. This should open his mouth. Squirt the syringe into the side of his mouth, wait till he swallows it and repeat. Talk to him softly as you do it and keep telling him what a good boy he is.

If you have a room to keep him separate from the other cats while he recovers, this would be best. Ask the vet how long he will need special care. When there are only a few days left, take a towel and rub it on him and give it to the other cats, Do the same in reverse: rub a towel on the other cats and leave it with Eddie.

I wouldn't let him out by himself again. I don't think it's safe for a cat to be outside.

If you have any other questions that I might be able to help with, just email me.
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