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kitten liter issues

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Hi - I'm not sure if this is where I should post this - wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
2 things:
1. Our 5 week old kittens have chosen the liter box as a place of sleeping - poop or no poop. We have 2 liter boxes next to each other - they tend to pick the one Mom cat hasn't pooped in - but they have. Why are they doing this??
2. Cat Mom has decided to fling liter out of the box onto the floor. I sweep it up - she flings more clean liter out onto the floor. What is she doing??
Thanks. I think this is so strange! Some of the kittens (4 of them) are using the liter box - someone is not, but I don't know who :-) Find about 1 pile of kitty poop on the floor (they are in a contained area) a day so not everyone has begun to use the liter box yet!
THanks -
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Do the kittens have other beds to sleep in? Sounds like the mom just needs a larger box.
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I have 4 week old kittens and they are just learning to use the box. Sometimes they will just play in it. A couple of them have gotten the hang of it though. As for the Mom, mine did the same thing, getting litter all over. I switched her to a Rubber Made storage box, it is about 8 inches deep, and it solved the problem of litter everywhere.
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my cat flings litter too, regardless of the state of the box. she's gotten a little better recently, but she will scratch around for a long time. always a joy to clean up after. she manages to do this on the largest litterbox as well as the others. she's also 'buries' her food to an obsessive degree.

as for the kittens, maybe the mystery pooper just can't get into the box because his/her siblings are sleeping in it if they're going in the same corner every time, try putting the litter box on that spot. i've been sprinkling catnip on the litter to get the kittens interested in it, it seems to be helping them focus. of course that probably won't help get your kittens to stop sleeping in there!
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