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can a pg cat become not pregnant ?

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Hey all i have been looking after my sister in laws cat and u could tell she was pregnant as she had little budges around the tummy area where she would be carring his kitties. Well i looked after her while she was on holiday and she was sick one day and her tummy felt smaller then normal but she was ok in herself. I told sister in law what hapenned and she said she would take her to vets which she didnt and i small the cat yesterday and she is so tiny i cant evern feel the bumps at all and she should be 8 weeks tuesday. What am askin is can cat have misscraige ?? could it be a tiny litter , but i cant see it being that. Could the cat be in danger please help with what could of happened x luv becks
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I'm not sure about this as I've never delt with Preg cats, but 'Id take her to a vet ASAP!
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It could be one of 2 things:

1. She did have a miscarriage or
2. She resorbed the pregnancy (which just means she absorbed back the fetus)

either way, it's best to have her checked by the vet.
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If the cat mated with an unknown or untested male cat, she is ALREADY in danger of various diseases and problems. On top of that, there is apparently something wrong, be it a miscarrage or reabsorbtion of the fetuses. Take her to the vet now, have her checked out. If she is not pregnant have her spayed right away. If she is you could still, and should still have her spayed anyways so she doesn't have the babies, but that is up to you. Keep her STRICTLY indoors at all times until she has her babies and/or is spayed. You should have her tested at some point too to make sure she wasn't exposed to anything when she mated.
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More then likely she aborted if 7-8 weeks pregnant. If it was less, then she could have reabsorbed them.

Either way the cat needs to be checked out by the vet and spayed.
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hey al thanks for the advice this is not my cat but my sister in laws so am tryin to help her out with advice ut i think am more worried then her, what does it mean wen usay she reabsorbed them ??
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Reabsorbed means that the kittens stopped growing inside and the body reabsorbs the little bodies. I don't know how, just know it can happen. But usually its at a very early time in the pregnancy before the bones/body get too big.
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