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Dogs and catnip?

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Today I bought a new toy for my cats..one of those mouse like things where you put catnip leaves inside of it. Well, 2 of my cats never got excited about the catnip, so I stopped buying it. I decided to give it another try...and my dog went nuts! She wouldn't let the cats come near it and she ran off with it! I finally wrestled it away from her (mind you on my hand and knees behind the couch...it was quite an adventure!)...but she's throwing a fit because I won't let her have it. I've never seen a dog act like this around a catnip toy...Is this normal? Is catnip bad for dogs? I'm afraid that she'll rip it apart and eat the leaves.
I guess I won't be buying any catnip stuffies for the kitties ever again...unless I get one for the mutt too?LOL!
p.s...The cats are loving it..when they get a chance to even play with the darn thing!LOL!
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Well I don't really know, but I can't imagine cats not being interested in a catnip mouse!
However, I have bought catnip-stuffed toys that either don't have enough catnip or it's all air-locked inside, defeating the purpose.
I recently bought this $5 catnip-filled mouse with a microchip that makes it make a real mouse squeak when you touch it!
But they prefere their beaten-up, non-catnip, rattling mouse!!

But they'll chase anything I throw down the stairs

-Sarah of Borg
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This little mouse like thing is one that you can fill it up with catnip. It's like a soft, but hollow mouse that has velcro inside to keep the pouch shut. I'm just afraid that the dog will rip into the pouch and get the leaves out of it. The cats aren't that rambunkious (sp?) when it comes to their toys...but that dog of mine will tear apart just about anything! I know I make her out to be this rough & tough dog...but she's just a tiny little Pommerianan!! LOL!
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I know the mouse you are talking about - is the print sort of like leopard print? I have attached the picture.

Peedoodle goes totally nuts for it. Its funny.
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OMG! That is it!! I have the exact same one! The cats have been playing with it a little tonight...Echo seems to enjoy licking it's fur?? It doesn't surprise me though...she's always giving the other 2 cats baths. Maybe she thinks it's a new "buddy" instead of a toy! LOL! Crazy little kitty...she does some odd things at times!
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Peedoodle always licks that mouse, thats why its looking so ratty LOL
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Finally my 8 month old cat is taking notice of the cat nip I sprinkle on the floor for him. I like to watch how he rolls around in it, puts it up his nose and eats it. The question I have is just what is catnip anyway? is it like drugs to us? My dog ate the last pile I left on the floor, but she didn't act any different.
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Same here! My shih tzu stole it from my cats and he loves it.
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