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Vitamin E

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Greetings! Has anyone had this happen?
Just a was about to take a 400 UI Vit E capsule, I dropped it. My Cat (male, about 2 yrs) Pounced on it, batted it about and ate it! He seemed totally thrilled with the whole event and looked for more. In fact whenever I go for a vitamin, he comes running in hopes of scoring another... I am wondering at whatlevel is Vit E toxic or bad for cats, or can I give him the occasional one safely? Strange wee beasties Kitties be.... Thanks for the imput!
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My understanding is that Vitamins E and C are great antioxidants, and often ingrediants in cat food.....

I'm sure one of our resident "Cat Experts" will let you know if high volumes of Vitamin E are harmful to you cat!

:tounge2: :tounge2: IN THE FUTURE, PLEASE KEEP THE VITAMINS AWAY :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Your kitty will be fine. They mega-dose cats with 500 mg of E daily for months when the cats have FeLv hoping it will help them. But try not and drop anymore if you can. Not that you did it intentionally. It has been shown to be extremely palatable to cats. Many cat food companies add it to their blends.
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