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Help! What's wrong with Vince now??

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Vincent (male cat, almost 2) has had loose stool for about a month now. The consistency is like pudding (hope you weren't eating when you read this!). We have been in the process of moving, so I sort of chalked it up to that (stress), and I also switched his food. Previously, he had been on a prescription food for his urinary blockage issues, then we switched him to the Purina formula for urinary tract health. Two weeks ago, since the pudding poo was still happening, I switched him to Nutro (for urinary health formula).

This week, in addition to the icky poo, he has been throwing up more often. It is normal for him to puke about once a week (he is long haired) but the last few days, he has been puking maybe 2 or 3 times daily. Now, he is having diarrhea here and there on the floor and most recently I found red *BLOOD* (yikes!) in his watery stool, and he started scooting his bottom on the floor.

Of course I am going to get him to the Vet ASAP, but until I can get him in on Monday--what should I do??? What could be causing this?? My poor boy

I should note, he has been eating as much as ever, drinking water, and he does not act like he feels sick.

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If the blood is bright red,then it *may* be due to irratation from the diarhea. There's just so many different things that it could be. Do you have an emergency vet nearby? He could be getting dehydrated losing so much fluid and that can be serious.

If he has been dewormed lately and you are sure he doesn't have parasites,I'd look for an emergency clinic. I hope it's nothing serious!
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It sounds like the new food does not agree with him. The scooting is the result of his anal sacs being irritated, probably from the food not agreeing with him. He needs to be taken to the vet to have them expressed. I'm attaching a link about this area.

While you are at the vet, you will want to talk to them about trying some other foods that he can tolerate, or maybe slowly switching to the new food by mixing it with his old food if that is an option. Good luck!!

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Last night, I took his food up but I have left water out for him. He is drinking fine. Do you recommend that I withhold food, or should I make him rice? He is a Maine Coon and he's big and hungry a lot!
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I think you could feed him rice and boiled chicken and he would be fine. He can probably eat anything that you know will not do what these new foods did.

You probably already know for the puking from hairballs, he can eat that Laxatone stuff from the pet stores. It will help him out a lot with his long hair and will help clump up whatever else has to come out.

The blood is probably also from him straining and having trouble with the new food. I babysat a kitty who had the soft poos and scooting and this was the issue, including the anal sacs. The vet said my kitty's sacs were really bad. Also the vet recommended a food. In your kitty's case it sounds like he needs to go back to his prescription food, so long as it was not bothering him.

I've heard there is a new product or food out for urinary blockage that is very successful and you might want to ask about that or look it up on this forum or google it. But if your prescription worked, it might be best to stick with that.
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Yes, boiled chicken and rice will probably help soothe his tummy. Give small, frequent meals if you can, to be easier on him. Also if you can get some Bene-Bac and give him a dose, sometimes that helps upset tummies very quickly.
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Thanks! I am going to try the chicken and rice today. Poor guy. We have a dog too, and I had to put up the dog's food as well because Vincent kept going over and eating it since his own food is gone. Boy did I ever get dirty looks from the both of them when I took all the food away!

I will see what happens with the chicken and rice tonight and then talk to the vet tomorrow. My husband just wants to run out and buy the prescription food that he was fine eating, but I am trying to be a little more cautious.
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