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Cats on trees!

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I'm just looking for an excuse to post my Lil Bit posing on her cat tree ,and thought it may be fun to have a 'post your cats on their trees' thread! Anyone else??

Lil Bit loves her cat tree and no one else is allowed on it!

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Tsar only has a small "kitten" size tree, but he looks so proud when he stands on the top of it lol:

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Aaaaw! He's a cutie! I love his coloring and he looks perfect on that tree!!
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Awww! They're so cute! Looks like they're both having fun too

These are mine checking out their new tree...

"This smells new.."

"Kill the fuzzy thing!"

"Get off my tree!!"

"I will not degrade myself by playing.. hrumph"
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Originally Posted by MuttigreeMom View Post
"Get off my tree!!"
You sure titled that one right!! My Lil Bit would LOVE to have a tree like that!!
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Both of your guys' trees are so cool!! Mine (or should I say Tsar's since the whole house already belongs to him LOL) HAD a ball attached to it like your feather...that lasted about three days. Now its just a regular ball that he chases around the house.
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Some of Misty shortly after she was adopted.

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Here's a couple of thumbnails of Ivory and the cat tree.
She's at least 3 times the size of the tiny cubby she has herself stuffed in.

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Oops, I thought you meant real "trees"

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Those are GREAT. I'll be buying one soon enough. Although... the husband wants to BUILD one... *sigh* ... really... I'd just like to buy one.
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Oops, I thought you meant real "trees"

I meant all kinds!! That's a great photo and I'd love to have a treelike that!!
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This is from the day that I moved last year and the poor babies were confined to the sun porch. You can see 6 of the cats in the one tree, and there are actually 2 more cats on the tree next to it but I didn't catch them in this pic.

Top to bottom, left to right:

Muddy, Spanky, Sage, Scarlett, Stumpy and Dakota.
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How sweet! At least they will share with each other! Lil Bit won't let Boo or Anna anywhere near "hers".
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Here's Missy on our newest one. She really doesn't like her pic taken....

Then, there's Gizmo who is a complete ham.

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Stan is king of his kitty tree

Here's another one when he was smaller and the tree seemed bigger

Bella has her own domain...
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