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For those familiar with asthma...

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I think I might have had my first actual asthma attack today. Up to this point, its been shortness of breath but nothing serious, no wheezing, etc.

I was vacuuming earlier today, and suddenly started coughing and breathing in and out felt and sounded like I'd just come up gasping for air after being underwater for awhile. It felt sort of like swallowing and having it go down the wrong pipe but I don't think I did, or like I was choking on something.

I have a rescue inhaler, but felt better before I could use it. Does it sound like an asthma attack to you, or am I just being a hypochondriac? The doctor put me on Advair to try and help my shortness of breath, and the instructions warn to alert your doctor if your symptoms get worse - which actually having an attack would probably qualify as getting worse.

Probably what concerned me the most was that Chay was almost immediately downstairs and next to me - usually they don't come out of hiding from the "big noisy" for at least 30 minutes or so. And that boy couldn't care less if I was sick with the flu, but he sure was there fast today.

So what do you think? Real, or am I just jumping at shadows? I don't want to call my doctor with concerns with the medicine unless there's really cause - I hate being told there's nothing really wrong.

Thanks for the advice!
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Sounds like an asthma attack, but could have been an anxiety attack. Since you were vacuuming, I'd vote for asthma.

How long have you been on Advair? If more than two weeks, it really should have helped control any attacks and it's surprising you had such a bad episode. You should tell your doctor about it. Advair is amazingly good - the best, and I've had asthma since I was two years old.

If it was an anxiety attack, the Advair wouldn't have helped of course.
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The Advair I just started....Wednesday or Thursday. But I've never had an attack in my life, so of course that makes me automatically think "worsening of symptoms".

I didn't feel any actual anxiety during the attack itself - my initial thought was that I had just gotten something down the wrong pipe. But I don't think my breathing usually sounds like that if that's all it was.
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Yup, definitely sounds like an attack to me. I would definitely contact your doctor at least by phone and let them know, just in case.
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Yeah, I think I will. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining things before I went and called her. I seem to be good at that, especially lately.

I guess I can officially say I have asthma now - up to this point I've just called it "asthma like symptoms" cause none of the doctors wanted to flat out say I had asthma. Even though I'm on asthma medication and have a rescue inhaler and lower spirometry scores... If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck...
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Sure hope it's nothing to worry about -- and what a wonderful kitty Chay is!
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I know, he was a real sweetheart today. Even Billy came down after a few minutes, and my scaredy cat doesn't usually peek his head out for an hour or so after the vacuum has gone!

Its nice to know they care though.
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Yes - I agree that it was probably an asthma attack. That's what mine are like, and then my breathing is usually heavier for a couple of days after a bad attack. I would definitely tell the doctor.
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When I have an asthma attack, I take big gulping gasps (which sound wheezy) but I don't feel like I'm getting any air. It is quickly accompanied by an anxious feeling, so I thought I was having anxiety attacks, not asthma. My albuterol inhaler takes care of it very quickly, usually in less than 2 minutes....but those are 2 l-o-n-g minutes! I'd certainly mention it to your doctor. You might need to purchase some of those surgical type masks to wear while doing chores such as vacuuming, if it becomes a regular trigger for you.
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My whole family has asthma and mom used to have really bad attacks(like calling the rescue squad more than once or twice). Sounds like one to me. I started Advair about a week ago and it works like MAGIC! I have almost no difficulty breathing anymore as opposed to everyday all day using my albuterol.
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