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Finally a definite sign!

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I just went to check Cookie (as is our nightly ritual) and I noticed a red thing stuck to her fur. I tried to pull it off but its all dried up and stuck pretty good and I didn't want to hurt her. It obviously came out of her vagina and is being followed by some thick white discharge! I'm pretty sure the thing stuck to her fur is her mucous plug...?

How much longer do I have after she loses the plug before birth? I'm not sure how long ago she lost it. She is just laying under the stool grooming her pretty little paws right now. Should I put her in her kittening box now or wait until she begins exhibiting signs of labor?
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All of mine lost the mucous plug almost exactly 12 hours before beginning labor. I'd go ahead and put her in her box now though, so she'll be comfortable there and less likely to try and find another place to have them.
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She still has not gone into labor. Could I have been mistaken about the dried up red thing being her mucous plug? It definately wasn't just dried blood or anything. The white discharge got real heavy about an hour after and then seems to have stopped. Can somebody please tell me what's going on?
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I'm really worried about her because she isn't displaying any signs of labor and I haven't seen any discharge since last night. Her bottom is wet on the fur but I think that is just from her BMs.
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She'll be having them within hours - keep us posted and if you can, check to be sure she delivers a placenta for each kitten
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Thank you. I'm freaking out a little over here, as if you can't tell. She is just lounging in the bathroom. She was eating like crazy, I've had to refill her bowl three times so far and she is drinking even more. No more discharge that I have seen though.
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