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How often?

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We just washed our cat with Dawn dish soap to get rid of fleas, and it worked so well!! I'm just wondering how often we should be bathing him with it to get rid of the fleas. We have a shower stall, so we didn't really soak him, just showered him with the nozzle on gentle. I'm also doing other stuff like salting the carpets and vacuuming then throwing out the bag, putting a bowl of water & dish soap under a night light and washing the bedding and stuff.

Something that's worked for me is if you have an old pair of eyebrow tweezers, they're really good for squishing the crap out of fleas! sorry if that was gross for anyone....

This forum has been awesome for ideas to get rid of fleas, thanks a lot!!
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Is your cat in any area where he is at risk to get them again?

This thread below is about dogs and fleas, but the information about fleas and how they reproduce is valid for cats too. http://www.dogchatforum.com/get_rid_of_fleas.htm

Unless it is a small kitten, it would be good to treat him with something like Frontline Top Spot and then focus on getting the fleas from your house using the techniques you mentioned. I would be a little bit leery of giving your cat too many washings in a situation where the Frontline is a lot more effective and less stressful for the cat. You can buy this online at entirelypets.com or another site like that.

You can put a flea collar in the vacuum bag too (just don't put it on the cat!) to make sure they die after you vacuum them. But since you are throwing the bags out it probably isn't important.

Good luck!
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Thanks Barb, that link was helpful! I'm pretty sure he got them from outside since he's always been an indoor cat until a few months ago when we moved to a house and I've been letting him out with a leash. He never had fleas before when we were in an apartment. So, he's not happy about having to stay inside now but it's for his own good! I've also tried a spot-on treatment, Zodiac, to kill the eggs, I tried it last month and he's due for another tomorrow.
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