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Early, Monday morning (12:37), Diana Ross was arrested, by Tucson Police, for DUI, DUI over .12 and extreme DUI. She failed a field sobriety test and blew .22 on the Breathalyzer.

The arrest was taped, by the officer's dashboard camera. Ms. Ross has filed for an injunction, to keep that videotape from being released.

It seems that, in the course of failing the field sobriety test, she fell smack-dab on her butt and doesn't want anyone to see that. Of course, since it is a public record, the media will file their own request, to get it released.

The usual disposition, in a first-time DUI, is to let the driver plead "guilty" on the extreme DUI and drop the lesser charges. The minimum mandatory sentence is 30 days in jail, of which 20 may be suspended, $250 fine and $250 surcharge.

After the bust, a police sergeant drove her back to the Canyon Ranch, where she was staying. (If a person lives nearby, the cops will do that. Otherwise, an officer has to stay with that person, until someone comes to get them.)

I'm not a big Diana Ross fan and I detest drunk drivers. Fortunately, Tucson doesn't treat celebrities any differently, than anyone else.