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Woman directed but men can post too...

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I dont post in pregnancy announcement forums on here because I cant think of anything to say not because Im heartless...I just read your announcement forums and cry! Im happy for you all of you!!! I really am...just hurting at the same time...My husband and I want a baby so bad...as far as we can tell though it doesnt seem like we can have one

Here is a bit of background information....

When I was 15 I was in great shape weighing about 125-130 lbs size 6-8 worked out and played soccer...I started gaining weight for no reason...no one knew why Doctors included. I was eating healthy and working out regularly...They had me write down everything I thought could be a symptom...I didnt have regular periods then it was like one every 3 or 4 months they said not to worry about it that I would have them as I got older...I was gaining weight and having some lower abdominal pain...sometimes enough to put me out of school for a couple 3 or 4 days at a time...They kept doing test taking lots of bloodwork...Mom kept rushing me to ER everytime I would cry out because I was having pain and nothing...I was steadily gaining weight...and starting to get depressed(im sure everyone here knows how cruel highschool students can be) Eventually The put me in homeschool because I was getting depressed over my weight gain and still hurting...They put me out of school drew quite a bit more bloodwork and then they done an ultrasound I had two syst the size of baseballs one on each ovary....They done an exploratory surgery when I was 17 and diagnosed me with Poly systic ovarin disease and said I had a touch of Endometriosis and said it would be very hard to conceive if I could at all they put me on several medicines and said my period would regulate and I would start to lose the weight...They were wrong I went on to gain 150lbs total putting me at 280lbs size 20-22and keeping me constantly depressed...I now have a period about once every 3 years if that...at first I talked myself out of wanting kids...It was the only way to ease the pain I felt...I thought If I dont want kids then this cant upset me..I had myself convinced of that! Then all my friends one by one started announcing "Im pregnant" the more newborns I held the more I wanted one as did my husband...Now I am to the point where I cry when I see a newborn baby and when I walk by the baby clothes at the store...I try to let it go and every says it will happen with time...That is so much easier said then done...

Anyways I just wanted to let everyone know!
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Oh I'm so sorry to hear this! I wish I could offer some comforting words. To a certain extent I can understand how you feel, but I haven't experienced what you are going through, so I won't claim to know your pain. I hope and pray that someway you will be able to become a Mommy!
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So sorry for your pain, cant begin to imagine how you feel.
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Brandi I'm so sorry to hear this I can feel your pain by reading your post . I guess it would be easy for me to say to you miracles can happen. I'm a believe in them I wish you both all the best.

Sending a to watch over you both.
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Oh darlin, I'm so sorry.

Have you given any thought to surrogacy?
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