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Too sweet!

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I just bought this cat tree on Friday Night and it is already the new hit at my house....I found Tigger lounging away today in it and took a a pic of him It was just too sweet!!
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OH how cute! I love how his paw is sticking out!!
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And it almost matches his little paws!! He sure looks like he loves it!
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He is adorable. I also have a tigger who looks pretty similar!
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What a sweetie!! I love that 'lil paw hanging out!!
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Awww, too cute!
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It looks like he really like it, He is a very handsome boy
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aww blesss looks like he loves it !!!
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Very sweet,, I know my girls love theres too..
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It's mine, all mine! I guess he really rules the roost!
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That tree looks very soft and fuzzy. He knows a good thing when he sees it!
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