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The wedding stress is starting...

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Yup I know "ELOPE"!!!!

We're pretty much doing everything somewhat "traditional" or by the book so far. The only "odd" thing is the groomsmen. Actually its grooms-women and there's 3.

I don't have a problem with this, in fact I like the female friends of B's that are standing up for him. They are his closest friends that have known him and I from the start of our relationship. I have 3 women standing up for me.

However today my mom made a mention of the grooms-women...why couldn't he has his BROTHER or some other male relative. I just brushed it off and said "Oh I left that decision up to him...he let me choose who I wanted in my party" then quickly changed the subject

Just had to tell someone this. I wish I was still better friends with some men to counter act everything. Oh well.
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When I got married I got a lot of advice from a lot of people, the best advice I got was, it is your wedding do it your way, if someone gives you advice you don't like, smile anyways, then do it your way relax and enjoy!!
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I think it's cool that he's having his closest friends stand up for him, regardless of their gender! When my friend got married they didn't want to pick a maid or honor or best man, and they both had close guy and girl friends, so instead we were all just bridesmaids and groomsmen and were lined boy/girl/boy/girl, etc. on each side of them.

My old assistant pastor remarried (his wife passed away) a few years ago and his daughters stood up for him and her daughters stood up for his her.
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