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Acts Afraid & Hides?? HELP!!

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We own a 3 year old Longhair Beautiful White who is either deaf or hearing impaired. We LOVE her to death and she travels with us in our coach and has always LOVED looking out and being with us.

A couple weeks ago she was in the garage when we arrived home she slipped outside for about 30 minutes. We do not allow her out, of course. Husband went out to clean up....she ran back into the garage and we are not sure if in her haste to get inside if she hit her head on door?? We do NOT have a lot of neighbors as someone thought she may have been scared by someone. Since then she hides under beds, get into cabinets and when we walk into a room where she mostly stays ALL day....she runs under bed. We have had some good days and she may accept us (at times) and allow us to brush her. She has NEVER acted so afraid of things before. We have purchased the Diffuser that puts some Feramones into air??? Last week she was able to get into an area of our RV and we had to stay over extra day to coak her out. Then she came out for awhile....get back home bring her in with NO problem....and has stayed in bedroom for days. We take her food & water.....which may be NOT the best thing to do?

ANYONE ever got over this problem with a sweetheart that always was great??
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I dont have any sugestions as I am a new cat owner, but this site is great and someone will have ideas for you!
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That reminds me of my cat. She has always been extremely skittish. She'll meow if you don't give her attention, but then when you go to pet her she'll run away and hide under the bed or table. She isn't always like this, but it's often enough. I have just grown to accept that she is skittish and during the times when she isn't, I make sure to pet her and reassure her as much as I can. She was a stray that I took in and she was already about 8 years old at the time so she probably had a rough life before and all kinds of trust issues. Hopefully your cat will come around eventually. Just be patient.
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Her foray outside was obviously not a good one, and she is traumatized. Be patient, loving, and slow with her, and allow her to come to you. I would do exactly what you are doing, and maybe move her food a little each day, until she ends up eating in her accustomed place. Toys and play are powerful socializers, too -- if you have interactive toys like "Da Bird" or "Feline Flyer" or other "wand-type" toy(s), try playing with her with those a little bit each day, to increase her interest and hopefully, her confidence. GOOD LUCK to you all!
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