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Would appreciate some advice re:diarrhea

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I guess I'm looking for a little reassurance more than anything.

I normally free feed Harry Royal Canin dry and then 2 wet pouches a day of Schesir. I started giving him Bozita dry (high quality food from Sweden) 3 days ago while I'm waiting for my next order of Royal Canin. He seemed to love it, eating a full bowl in one go (normally he just grazes at the Royal Canin).

Since then he has had foul smelling diarrhoea. The past two days it hasn't bothered me as I assumed it was just adjustment but today he has eaten and looked for an awful lot of food, has slept an awful lot and has had two bouts of diarrhoea in the past hour. He has been playful in spurts but then just starts sleeping again.

There are days when he tends to sleep more than normally and I wouldn't be bothered about it but the diarrhoea on top of that is starting to concern me. Has he just overeaten, is it the adjustment or could there be something wrong with him? Sorry for the length of this but I can't help worrying! I'm refusing to feed him anymore for the time being btw.

Thanks in advance.
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Have you compared the ingredients between the two foods to see what the biggest difference is? Maybe something in the new food doesn't agree with him.

Since he's had diarrhea for a couple days already and isn't acting like his normal self, you should consider making a vet appointment. Have the vet take a stool sample.

Recently Tomas had a small bout of diarrhea that went away quickly, but I could tell he still wasn't feeling well. It turns out the level of bacteria in his digestive tract was off, one kind was way too high. After some antibiotics and a week later, he's feeling much better.

Hopefully your kitty has something minor and maybe only needs something to calm his digestive tract a little.
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Well, the timing of the diarrhea with the switch in food is suspicious - a complete switch like that often causes upset stomachs in cats which is why a gradual switching is always recommended. But at the same time, it could just be a coincidence and covering up something else.

I would bet it is the food change, but to be on the safe side, maybe a vet visit or at least a call to the vet office wouldn't hurt. It would at least ease your mind on the whole thing.
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Thanks guys. He seems fine this morning running around but I'm not going to give him any more of that dry food for now; I'll stick to wet. As it's sunday and he seems ok I'll wait until tomorrow before bringing him to the vet. I kept him up in my room all night and he didn't seem ill but it's so hard to tell with cats!
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