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Introducing Meridian Limited Edition Isabella

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Here's Bella, the newest keeper at our cattery. She's a seal lynx marbled bengal. Born, completely white with very pink skin, she's just now starting to color up nicely. She'll have brilliant blue eyes like a siamese.

She's the daughter of Loki and Kenya. We'll be showing her, if she enjoys it, then breeding her. She's the first seal lynx we've held back. You can't really tell from the pics, but she has Loki's facial expression.

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She is an absolute doll. She will be gorgeous when she grow up.
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AWWW she is precious
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oh my gosh she is AMAZING
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She looks so adorable!
I love the darker lines under her eyes
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She's an absolutely beautiful baby. Congrats, Nial.
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She's gorgeous! I can't wait to see her grow up. Congrats!
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She's lovely Almost like a choc-silver Oci
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What a little doooooooooooooooooll, Nial! She's gorgeous.
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OMG! She's a dream come true, isn't she? She's just about the most beautiful little girl, I've ever seen!
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Holy shamoley look at those eyes!
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Was thinking the same - color looks like a chocolate-silver classic Ocicat. Watch it Nial - you'll have people calling her an Ocicat

She's pretty - will enjoy watching her grow and change
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Oh she is just a beauty!!! I couldn't resist those eyes anything!!!
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I have to agree - she is extraordinary!
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How beautiful is she! Adorable.
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Best looking Bengal I have seen!
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she is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm sure she'll win lots of ribbons and create some gorgeous babies hmmmm, put me on the list for when you retire her from breeding!!!
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Oh yes, she is a sweetheart! Look at that gorgeous little face - and BIG mouth! What a beauty she is going to be~
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What a little beauty!
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WOWIE! She is simply AMAZING! I can't wait to see more photo's & to see how her colors progress & to see her grow!

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Nial..she looks like an absolute sweetheart! Congrats!
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She's adorable. how old is she?
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I usually like the stronger colors on the Bengal, but OMG, she is BEAUTIFUL! WOW!
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WOW she is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!
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That color... What a beauty!
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What a gorgeous girl she is Nial. Look at those baby blues
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Thank-you all for the nice comments!

I'll update this thread with new photos of her as she grows.
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How did I miss this thread?!?!?! She is gorgeous!!!!

I thought her dad must have been Arctic Cowboy, but she's a Loki baby!

Can't wait to watch her grow up
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Well now you've gone and done it...I'm a sucker for blue-eyed kitties! She stunning!
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A true Beauty indeed Beautiful girl
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