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OMG!! So Disgusting

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My neighboor just came over and said he was out in his backyard and could smell decay coming from my side of the fence. I went back there and looked and there was a dead rabbit laying in between a bush and the fence. It was so horrible, all teaming with maggots and stuff. I put vicks under my nose like you see and TV and movies, didn't help much. I breathed through my mouth but then once and awhile I could taste the smell. Anyway, I ended up digging a hole right next to it and burying the dang thing. Uggggg, now the smell of death is stuck in my sinusus.
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Oh, you have my sympathies! I hate that smell! We had a rat die in our house one time, and that sickening sweet smell....oh, it still makes me gag just thinking about it.

I'm glad you buried it (wonder what happened...poor thing).

The only thing I can suggest is taking a VERY hot shower to clear you sinuses. I know, that smell/taste can stay with you for a long time.
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That has to be the worst stink in the world....apart from sewage

RIP Little Bunny
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Yuck!! I hate that smell!!

Everytime I go to my sisters I smell that smell, outside in her bushes~we have checked and checked and never find anything.

RIP 'lil bunny....
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Oh, that's a horrible smell, and unfortunately it stays with you for awhile. At least the bunny is at peace now, and in the ground.

I have a friend who survived the 2004 tsunami in Phuket (his house was destroyed) and he said he still can't shake the smell of the bodies in the days and weeks that followed. He said, even when he walks in the woods and smells the decay there it takes him back.
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Yep, nothing smells quite as bad as death. At least it was small, wasn't something like a fox or a deer.

I use those cannister masks (the ones painters use to prevent fume inhalation), and a bucket of baking soda to cover the carcass whenever I find a dead animal. Helps cut the smell quite a bit, and prevents you from puking your guts out.
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