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No more Libby

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It was a hard thing for us to do, but we just had Libby adopted as a barn cat. My husband and I tried all of the suggestions to change the behavior of her aggressiveness, but her biting continued everyday, twice a day.

We took her to the vet to see if she was sick, but she was fine. We went to the original place we got her from and asked for advice. We told the vet doctor the situation, and that we didn't want her to be caged again, but we were clueless and if Libby wasn't happy with us, that we wanted her to be happy with someone else.

Well to make a long story short, we put an ad out for her adoption. We got a couple of interested people, but when we were upfront with Libby's aggression, that scared people off. But we finally got a couple who live in the back country and were looking for a barn cat. My husband and I drove up to the place, called the references, and decided that Libby would enjoy the space and responsibility!

Well the adoptees (sp?) paid the $65 (which we donated to our local animal shelter), and took Libby home. I just went up there yesterday to see how she was doing, and she seems to be doing well. I am happy that we didn't have to take her back and have her caged. The best thing is that the owners said I could drop by the barn to check up and see how she is doing.

I didn't realize how hard letting her go was going to be. I told my husband I wanted to wait a few weeks before we get a new cat. This time I went to a shelter and told the volunteers our lifestyle, and exactly the cat we were looking for. They told us we'd probably do good with an adult cat. So at the end of this month we're going to go back to the shelter to look at some of the adult cats.
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In my opinion, you did the right thing - at least it's what I would have done... at least where she is now, her owners will be able to look after her and get her care if she needs it or anything, but she's got freedom and will be happy... and it's great that you can go visit her too! That would make me feel better... and it sounds like your going about getting another cat the right way too - I always go to the shelters first there are so many pets there looking for lovin I'm sure you miss her dearly, but it's good to know she's in a better environment... and be sure to let us know how she is when you visit and how things go when you get a new kitty!
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I do miss her! Even though she was a sassy cat, but if I want to see her I can scoot up there and see her in action. She's getting along with all of the animals too, so I am happy about that!
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I think it is great that you can go check on her as much as you want. But I'm also sad to see that she didn't seem meant to be with you.

Spend a lot of time getting to know your potential adoptees and I'm sure the right one will find you. They always do.
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That's wonderful that you can stop in and visit her - those people sound like good owners. Hope things work out with the new cat and you get to keep in contact with Libby too
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