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Meteor Shower this weekend!

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There is going to be a very large meteor shower this weekend! Heres the link if anyone wants more info!

Anyone else plan on watching? I think my friends and I are going to lay in someones front yard and watch
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Cool! I'll keep an eye out.
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I remember watching the Perseids meteor shower every August up at our cottage in Northern Michigan as a child. We would build a campfire and lay on the ground and watch the sky, counting meteors! It never seems to show up as well in the city with all of the background light though. Thanks for the memories.
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I am I am!! Sushi and I went outside to see if we could see anything, but it was too cloudy. Hopefully tonight it will be clearer!
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I can't wait. Good think I'm a night person so I can stay up.
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It's actually started days ago. Every night last week when I was outside I would see five or six meteors just within a few minutes.
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I want to watch part of it. I don't know if I can stay up for the peak though. They said that was around 2:00am eastern time. That's a little late, but I'll be watching earlier. No lights and no moon, it should be incredible!
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Oh, I wish I could get out of town for the evening.

I'll go outside tonight but I doubt I'll see much. All those city lights make it hard to see much in the sky.
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