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The continuing Saga of Jordan

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Well because he wasn't eating right he went in to the vet early to have his blood calcium retested. The vet called this morning and said his blood calcium was still within the normal range (still at the high end, but normal). So now he goes down to 5 mg of pred every other day. The rest of his blood work looked preety good, one thing was a little off but I don't remember what he said because I was half a sleep, but he said it wasn't too bad. He said that his platelett count looked a little low, but that when the put the blood on a slide the count looked good. Basicly his blood was begining to clot already. Which I guess is good because it means his blood is still working the way it should.

Ultimatly I dont' know what all this means as far as his possible cancer, or the length of his life, but I'm happy that we can drop the pred again.

Thankyou all so much for listening to me, this has been so hard I just hope that he has at least anohter year. (really I want at least 10 more, but given his current health issued I'll take a year)
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Well you both have certainly been through a lot, many continued prayers for you and for Jordan.
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Good news, he is a little fighter! I hope you have him for a long time, you both deserve it.
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Thanks. I personally feel absolutly drained by this whole experience. I really just want to get off this roller coaster ride and be able to get through a day with out wondering how long he has. Saturday he actually had a really good day. He ate really good, he played with me a little & then he even tried to play with Isaac for a second. Then yesterday & today he's back to being tired & just wanting to sleep & cuddle. I really do think the other cats sense there is something wrong with him because they are cuddling with him & not bothering him to play. I just feel deppressed & exhausted.
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