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Hi its me

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Hey I was just checking in I am having a bit of trouble these days I am currently unemployed but I have an appointment for an exam on Wed for a new and better job so I need some vibes that I pass it. I also take my drivers test on Monday so I need more vibes for that. Our house is coming along dad is doing the drywall now. If I'm not online for a bit just overlook me. But as soon as I get a job then I will be back online I can't wait I am going crazy without my internet. Tavia is doing well earlier this morning she was fussing because i was eating breakfast instead of playing with her. Hope to catch you all online
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welcome back Gail!
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Many good vibes for the entreview!
DonĀ“t give up! for sure you going to find a best job soon!
see you around my friend!
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Best of Luck Gail, keep us updated...and be careful driving
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glad to know your still out there ,
hope you make it back soon
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Thank you both for the vibes. I am trying to be a very careful driver even though a couple of weeks ago I almost wrecked. I think I learned my lesson about driving when I am upset and when I have alot on my mind.
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Hi, Gail! You'll do fine.
Driving exam
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Good luck on the driver's exam and on the job interview too!!
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I really hope I get both. The job has good benefits and pay for this area. Starting at 9.50 an hour for seconds and 10.50 an hour for thirds. I would be working 3 12 hour shifts and then be off four days which would be great. So I really need vibes for it. And the drivers liscences.
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Good luck at your driving exam and interview!!!
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Glad to see you around again. I was wondering about you a couple of days ago.

Sorry to hear about being unemployed. I hope you get the new job! And so far as the driving test goes, you will do just fine. Just don't let the instructor freak you out during the test. I don't know if they are all like this, but the one that I had sat there with his clipboard and did nothing but write and write. I was paranoid and made some stupid mistakes because I was nervous.

Just pretend that we're all in the backseat routing for you!!
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I know my nerves will be my biggest problem as long as I don't get nervous I think I will be fine.
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Good luck finding a job!!! Hope you're back online again soon.
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Lots and lots of luck with both!
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