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I can smell pee!!

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Hi all, I am sure that you fine people will be able to advise......
I have 2 cats using a large covered litter tray. I scoop poop as soon as they have done it and change to litter completly with a disinfect and wash every 2 to 3 days.
I use Catsan litter.
My issue is that I can still smell urine quite strongly after the first clean day. Pepsi is some what timid and not one for change and will happily pee on the floor if I so much as try to change the litter brand, I have tried this a couple of times.
Am I missing some thing here? Do I need to change the litter more often than I am doing or is there something on the market that I can use that will not panic Pepsi into manic peeing everywhere?!
Just to say that they both use the litter no problem but I think it just smells strong still.
I just want my home to not smell of pee. My husband thinks I am over reacting and he cant smell it but I am very consious of the smell.
I am in the Uk so I that might be an issue for me purchasing some things.
Thanks for listening guys.
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If you want to try a different litter, maybe you can use just a little of the new litter at a time (mixed with a lot of the old litter) to get her used to it. Kind of like you do when changing cat foods. I can't guarantee it'll work, but it would be the first thing I'd try.

As for things you can put in the litter box to stop the smell.. arm and hammer came out with a scented baking soda kitty litter additive. I don't know if they sell it there, or if your kitty would like the scent, but I got some as a trial when I adopted Sammy and it seemed to work well. If you can't buy that, we used to use regular baking soda in the bottom of the litter pan and that worked well - and it doesn't have a scent... so probably wouldn't bother your cat.

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You might try two different litter boxes, one with the current type of litter in it and another one with a different brand of litter. This way, they can get used to the other litter without having to give up the original litter right away. It's a pretty good idea to have more than one litterbox for two cats anyway.
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I sympathise - there is nothing worse than thinking your visitors can smell it too. would certainly get at least one more litter box - get the covered ones, and if you can get the cats to use one with a door, that helps the smell. I like Catsan litter - I have tried many and always come back to it. Use Simple Solution to rinse the boxes after you have scrubbed them - available at Pets at Home in the UK. It has a great deodorising effect. And a litter box freshener - there are a number on the market, all baking soda based.
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Thanks guys, good suggestions.

Think I will try the second litter tray as well as the baking soda. I dont mind buying extra litter as long as my 2 are happy. Love my kitties

My previous cat used any litter mix going and I found the wood based one didnt seem to smell so bad. Is it a personal preference do you think or are some better than others at retaining odors? With these two I continued to use the ones they were trained with as kittens and Pepsi who is my special needs kitty seems to like it.

Thanks again x
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Just to put my two cents in, I bought wood pellets which caused the cat to start peeing on the floor so I went back to the World's Best. When I'm completely cleaning the tray out I wipe it with Flash antibacterial wipes then rinse it with warm water. It seems to get rid of any lingering smells. I also wipe any accidents with these wipes and again it stops Harry from going back to the crime scene and going again as well as getting rid of any human detectable smell.
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I would try the plain baking soda. It can mix right into the current litter and they won't smell a thing if you use the regular kind. It is incredibly good at absorbing odors.

I think another box for trying out the new litter is a great idea, that way you can phase in the new litter gradually without taking the comfort of the old box away.
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