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I Need Your Prayers Now!!!!

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We have the opportunity to send Booger in the cabin on a plane to her new home in Portland. BUT BOOGER DIDN'T SHOW UP TODAY (it was pouring rain yesterday and last night, and when she's hunkered down somewhere she doesn't come through pouring rain - but it stopped a little while ago. PLEASE BOOG, BRAVE THE MUD!) and we MUST get her to the Vet before 8:00pm East Coast time to get her health certificate.

The woman would be driving up from Washington DC (a 4 hour drive) to pick her up, driving back to DC, then flying on a red-eye to Portland (direct).

We have been EVERYWHERE we know that she goes, but we don't know all her places. We've been calling and calling for her, but no Boog.

PLEASE BOOGER, I need you to show up within the next 3 1/2 hours!!!!!

PLEASE "COME HOME" so you can go to your furrever home!!!!!!!
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Oh goodness! BOOGIE! I'll send a prayer she comes home! Have you tried to shake a box of food or open a can ? Sometimes they hear it and come running!
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Hey Boog!!! Come home!!!
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Oh! I will pray for Booger to come home! Try shaking cat treats?
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Oh no! laurie, does she respond to a can opener? If she does and you have a tape recorder, tape the sound of a can of cat food being opened and place the recorder outside on loud and play it. I hope she comes to ground soon. Feral cats hate mud!
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She doesn't know the sound of treats or a can opener. We fix the food inside and take it out to them, or they free feed from the dry food feeder we have set up.

She loves to be brushed, but there's no sound to a brush!

She knows the sound of our voices, we whistle to call her, and she knows the sound of our car (really!)

We've driven around and around, we've called and called and whistled until we're blue in the face.

I'm hoping the prayers will work!
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...but it is SUPER muddy!!! I mean, so muddy it's dangerous to walk on.

C'mon Boog, C'mon Boog, be a brave girl. I so hope you're hungry enough to show up for dinner!
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Boog! Come home to Laurie and Gary so they can give you all the love they can! It's a good place that you will be going to - to an inside home where you never have to be out in the rain again, where there will always be chin scritches and always, always plenty of food.

Come home baby girl!!
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Come on Booger! Come home please!!!! Now is not the time to hide from daddy and mommy! Your new furrever home is waiting for you! Any sign of her yet?
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This board can work some really powerful magic, we've all seen it happen. I'm sure Booger will appear!

C'mon Booger!!!!!!!!
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How long have you been looking? I really hope she comes home! Good luck and many prayers.
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Sending lots of good, warm thoughts your way and prayers for Booger to come out for you.
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Prayers for Booger to come home quick and safely!
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Any sign of her, Laurie? I'm praying! Could the new owner catch a later flight? I know that's a terrible inconvenience, but if she's willing to drive that far, she must really be sincere.
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Oh my.....

Mega prayers headed your way. Hopefully, at this time, Boogs has already been found.

Keep us posted.

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Well, we were back out again. No sign of her.

But you know what? I believe in my heart of hearts that everything happens for a reason.

We're under a Winter Storm Waring, apparently. While we were out this last time, it started snowing.

It looks like we're supposed to get between 8" and 15" of snow by tomorrow. It is supposed to be snowing in Philly tomorrow.

We're nestled in the Jenny Jump mountain range here, and we ALWAYS get the high-end of everything (except temperatures, where we always get the low-end!).

Boog's new Mom's friend would have a heck of a time driving up here. She was going to leave DC in time to get here between 9:00 and 10:00am. It would be very dangerous driving that early, and she'd have a heck of a time getting back down there - in a snowstorm, on Friday of the week after New Year's.

I almost think we should all start praying that Booger doesn't show up. I wouldn't want Debbie's friend to have to endure that dangerous drive tomorrow.

13 minutes and counting. It doesn't look like Boog is going to show.

But you know what? At the Vet's this afternoon, we ran into a woman who runs a service called Airborne Animals. We have a bunch of her cards.

Like I said: I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

At this point, I'm willing to bet Debbie's friend's plane will end up being cancelled or delayed because of this storm.

Maybe Booger knows what she's doing!

But I can't thank you enough for your good thoughts, vibes and prayers. It means so much to me!!!!!!! (And Booger!!!!!)
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Well, I have thought all afternoon since I read this thread that Booger knows what she is doing. The fact that the woman would not be able to get to your place safely had not occured to me, but I am sure this will turn out the way it is meant to.

I do get the feeling that Booger is in no hurry to move, though!
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Laurie, what an emotional couple of weeks for you! But in the end, things do work out.

Many times we take too much on our shoulders and expect to control the path of life. We often 'think' we know what is best. Reality is, life chooses its own path and has its own specified thoughts!

Sometimes, one needs to step back & realize that life works out even when one thinks that the path has been lost. With all that you've been through Laurie, step back. Things will work out, just not necessarily on the schedule you set.

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Like I said, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I was given one day's notice about Boog's potential transport. That's life.

Well - look who's here! It's Boog! We just called the animal hospital, they've already switched it to their answering machine.

But we left a message for the Dr. on call - she'll call us, and I'm sure she'll meet us. (She's the one who helped us with Julius today). We can board Boog for the night and we'll see what happens with the snow storm tomorrow.

We're on the phone now with Debbie - her friend is going to drive up tonight and stay in a motel near here.

She'll take off and head back to DC in the morning. With Booger!

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I am sooooo glad! All those prayers and good thoughts must have guided Booger home in some way! That is just wonderful news! That is just a good way to end a long day, and I hope you are feeling better Laurie. You are a wonderful woman with a heart of gold! Bless you!

((((((((((((Laurie and Gary))))))))))))
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
With all that you've been through Laurie, step back. Things will work out, just not necessarily on the schedule you set.

I'm psychic!!

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You must be!
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Glad she showed up. As I was reading the thread, I came to the same conclusion as everyone else, things happen for a reason, even if we can't see it at first. Now she'll be warm and comfy for the night, which is supposed to be wintry here, too.
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Booger is the real pet psychic!
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I am so happy Boog showed up. We're getting the tail end of the storm you're getting, so I'm very happy things are put off for a few hours.

Big scritches for Boog (I feel like I know her!) and big hugs for you. I think I've told you before, but I consider you an here for needy cats!

Good luck and thoughts,

Christy (and purrs from Ivo)
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OK. Boog's at the Vet's boarding facility. We're picking up her health certificate in the morning.

Then we're driving to Philly with her. We will meet Debbie's friend Chloe there. (So we get to drive through the snow and ice, and she gets to drive through the rain. But that's just our life these days!)

Gary's still on the phone gabbing with Debbie! She seems very cool. And she fosters for Maine Coon Rescue, so I know Boog's going to a good home.

And now she gets to fly, escorted, in the cabin of the plane!

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I just love happy endings!

Glad things are looking up for everyone.
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Me too! It sounds as if her new owner really cares. Now she gets a seat on the plane. Gee, I wonder whether she'll get her own package of nuts? hmmm. In western PA we didn't get anything but rain so far. I hope it's the same for you. Have a safe trip, and not too much crying, now! She'll be the Princess of the Estate, I'm sure!
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I am so sorry I didn't read this till now...I was only online for a little bit last night, and not at all the day before...but I am so glad Booger showed up and everything seems to be going well now! *hugs*
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