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I took a class in college that revolved around LoTR. I absolutely loved it! At the time, we had to do a project in another class about some type of media that changed the world. Our group did our project on LoTR. We had an awesome slideshow, music playing softly in the background, hand outs, etc. We got an A+

However, I've tried and tried to get through Of Mice and Men again (had to read it in high school), and I hate it. I also can't read Lord of the Flies, hated that book too.

I'm pretty good at speed reading, so it doesn't take me too much time to get through a particularly dreadful book. On the other hand, sometimes I forget I'm actually reading a good story, and have to keep checking myself to make sure I'm not speed reading, otherwise I'll miss out on all of the great detail!

Anyway, you're not a failure, you just know what you like.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
...And how does everybody feel about Shakespeare?...
I've never read Shakespeare (and I have a bachelor's degree in English). I always dodged Shakespeare, although I've seen the plays and know the stories. I always took things like Milton and Joyce instead. Even my daughter's studied Shakespeare in third grade (simplified version).

Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Oh my gosh. Really? Is there... y'know, a PLOT? And if so, how do you follow it?
I think there's a plot, but I simply cannot read this book.

Here's page 720 from Ulysses, exactly as written, more in English but just as unreadable:

"could sit on it properly he kneels down to do it I suppose there isnt in all creation another man with the habits he has look at the way hes sleeping at the foot of the bed how can he without a hard bolster its well he doesnt kick or he might knock out all my teeth breathing with his hand on his nose like that Indian god he took me to show one wet Sunday in the museum in Kildare street all yellow in a pinafore lying on his side on his hand with his ten toes sticking out that he said was a bigger religion than the jews and Our Lords both put together all over Asia imitating him as hes always imitating everybody I suppose he used to sleep at the foot of the bed too with his big square feet up in his wifes mouth damn this stinking thing anyway wheres this those napkins are ah yes I know I hope the old press doesnt creak ah I knew it would hes sleeping hard had a good time somewhere still she must have given him great value for his money of course he has to pay for it from her O this nuisance of a thing I hope theyll have something better for us in the other world tying ourselves up God help us thats all right for tonight now the lumpy old jingly bed always reminds me of old Cohen I suppose he scratched himself in it often enough and he thinks father bought it from Lord Napier that I used to admire when I was a little girl because I told him easy piano O I like my bed God here we are as bad as ever after 16 years how many houses were we in at all Raymond terrace and Ontario terrace and Lombard street and Holles street and he goes about whistling every time were on the run again his huguenots or the frogs march pretending to help the men with our 4 sticks of furniture and then the City Arms hotel worse and worse says Warden Daly that charming place on the landing always somebody inside praying then leaving all their stinks after them always know who was in there last every time were just getting on right something happens or he puts his big foot in it Thoms and Helys and Mr Cuffes and Drimmies either hes going to be run into prison over his old lottery tickets that was to be all our salvations or he goes and gives impudence well have him coming home with the sack soon out of the Freeman too like the rest on account of those Sinner Fein or the freemasons then well see if the little man he showed me dribbling along in the wet all by himself round by Coadys lane will give him much consolation that he says is so capable and sincerely Irish he is indeed judging by the sincerity of the trousers I saw on him wait theres Georges church bells wait 3 quarters the hour l wait 2 oclock well thats a nice hour of the night for him to be coming home at to anybody climbing down into the area if anybody saw him Ill knock him off that little habit tomorrow first Ill look at his shirt to see or Ill see if he has that French letter still in his pocketbook I suppose he thinks I dont know deceitful men all their 20 pockets arent enough for their lies then why should we tell them even if its the truth they dont believe you then tucked up in bed like those babies in the Aristocrats Masterpiece he brought me another time as if we hadnt enough of that in real life without some old Aristocrat or whatever his name is disgusting you more with those rotten pictures children with two heads and no legs thats the kind of villainy theyre always dreaming about with not another thing in their empty heads they ought to get slow poison the half of them then tea and toast for him buttered on both sides and newlaid eggs I suppose Im nothing any more when I wouldnt let him lick me in Holles street one night man man tyrant as ever for the one thing he slept on the floor half"

For anybody who wants to read the rest of the book:
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wow, I just tried to read that and my eyes kept skimming over it. At least I now know to avoid it in future

Carolpetunia I loved Jane Eyre too, but always thought she was kinda nuts for going back to him after the whole crazy wife thing was revealed. And the last chapter really ruined it for me too. It was like the author was really close to writing a powerful and slightly tragic book, but chickened out to make everything end happily ever after. I half expected mr rochester to suddenly regrow a hand overnight.

I love this quote from P&P and the scene that follows, it always makes me laugh:
Mr Darcey- "In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."
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I couldn't read Dune or Left Hand of Darkness.

I only own a few books because I don't like "owning" books that I can't finish.

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Oh my gosh! So all these years, when I've gotten so frustrated with people who don't seem to have any idea how to use punctuation... apparently they're all literary geniuses in the style of James Joyce!

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Catamint, y'know, I really didn't mind what happened in that last chapter, I usually can't resist a happy ending... I just felt like it was better left for us to imagine, y'know? They were together again, and that was all we needed to hear.

You thought she shouldn't have gone back? Gosh, I would have gone back to Rochester in a heartbeat! He'd lied, but he'd lied for honorable reasons, understandable reasons. And more to the point: a man like Rochester, so deep, so brilliant, so intense... after him, Jane would have been bored silly with any ordinary guy!

And of course, she had saved him, and that's the somewhat unhealthy fantasy for a lot of us, isn't it -- to be the one woman who can reach down into the darkness and save a man from his personal torment.

So have you seen any of the movies of Jane Eyre? Which is your favorite? Me, I go with George C. Scott, hands down. He played the living daylights out of Rochester!
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
You certainly aren't a failure in life because you haven't read that particular book.

I did enjoy it, but I do think that you really do have to distance yourself from the modern idea of feminine roles in order to see the real statement that Jane Austin was making at the time to her audience. The independent nature that she gave Lizzie, the latitude that Mr. Darcy allowed his daughter, and allowing her to choose to marry or not was unheard of at the time. While it seems ridiculous to us now, perhaps we can view this book and author as one of the reasons our role has changed in society. (Can you tell I was an English major too? )

The one "classic" author I could not stomach was Charles Dickens. We had to read Great Expectations for one class and I absolutely hated that book. I had to force myself awake. I hated all of the characters. I hated the story. I hated the writing style. I hated everything about that book.
I LOVED Great Expectations! I was an English minor in college so one of my attempts at reading Pride and Prejudice was for a class. When I admitted that I couldn't get through it my professor just laughed.

As for the people who couldn't get through Lord of the Rings, I reread those every few years. They are just amazing to me.

My next expedition into the classics is Les Misérables. For some reason I've never read that all the way through.

Oh, and for the James Joyce people here's my theory. He was always into money making schemes, so I thought that Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man was just that.
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I've never attempted to read it.. I outta go to half price books or something and try and read it.... I'm a Harry Potter nut.. I'm more of a mystery, suspense, magic, fiction, things like that..
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Originally Posted by angelkitty View Post
I've never attempted to read it.. I outta go to half price books or something and try and read it.... I'm a Harry Potter nut.. I'm more of a mystery, suspense, magic, fiction, things like that..
Right now I'm reading some Agatha Christie books. I've always loved her, and with over 70 novels she's a good standby for the summer.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Right now I'm reading some Agatha Christie books. I've always loved her, and with over 70 novels she's a good standby for the summer.
I feel soo sad with the last Harry Potter book already out, and I've read it.. I feel like I've got no inspiration waiting for another fun book to come in the distant future.. It's so pathetic,, I KNOW..
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