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Why does my cat howl after eating?

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Good morning!

I have two cats - an 18 year old female and an 11 year old male.

My male cat has the strangest habit that I've often wondered about.

After he eats he goes to the door of my husband's hobby room (which is an unused bedroom) he stands in front of the door, which is closed to keep him out and he starts howling.

He's been doing that for years - and in two different homes that we've lived in. In our last home, that room was upstairs - so he would go all the way upstairs and stand in front of that door and howl. Now he doesn't have to go upstairs, but still goes to my husband's hobby room and howls.

Any insight as to why my male cat does this?

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Maybe he just wants to go in? I have cats that wander around the house howling on occassion. I have no idea why cats do that.

Welcome to TCS!
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Oh he definately wants to go in! LOL

He wants to spend time any where my husband is.

But I just found it odd that it ALWAYS happens directly after a meal - an not other times!

Thanks for the Welcome - this looks like a great forum!

ETA: He does this whether the room is occupied by my DH or not! LOL
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I wonder if he isn't doing what my one male dog does to the other one - save his (own) bone til the first dog's thru with his, and then flaunt the uneaten one of his own... kind of a macho thing (your husband is male, I take it?).
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Well, he does bogart the dishes and tries to push her out until he's done.

I think it's his way of saying "okay the men haven eaten, it's okay for the women to eat now" LOL

This cat believes the pecking order in our house goes like this:

1.) Husband
2.) HIM
3.) Me
4.) Female cat

It's definately a macho thing. LOL
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