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Help!!!!!!!!!! I just got up from the computer, it's 3:30 am here, I started counting heads, and my cat GiGi wasn't present. So I called her, and called
her finally she came from under my bed, after I looked at her in the face,
she looked funny, she has been bit by something and her whole face is
swollen and under her chin! I'm going to need a sedative til morning 8 am
when the clinic opens, because I can't do anything for her and I hope she doesn't die before I can get her help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I do? she drank
some water and even ate alittle! OMG, I'M FREAKIN OUT!!
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Oh gosh, I really don't know what to do. Is there a 24 hour emergency vet you can call? I tried to google one in your area but couldn't find anything.

Vibes for Gigi
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Oh and I know its hard but try to stay calm, you dont want to stress her out more.
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First of all, calm down. The last thing GiGi neads right now is a meowy about to lose it. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

did you see he get hit with anything? How do you know thats what it is? From what you said it sounds more like mayby a spider bite. Especialy if she was under a bed. That would cause the most swelling. Is there and ER vet you can call to just get some info from? You may not nead to bring her in at this moment, just be at the vets the moment they open. It sounds like you are in for a long 5 hours or so. We are here for you to help you get through this. Just try to stay calm, give her all the love you can. Make sure she keeps drinking water and try giving her some food.

Okay now with me, breath, in through your nose out through your mouth. Good, repeat, and again. Stay calm, we are here for you.
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I am and I have calmed down, and thanks thanks thanks just knowing someone is here for me makes all the difference! I don't know if she was
bit under the bed, although i'm sure my bed is subject to a spider or 2!
Reason why is because she hadn't been under there that long, heck i don't
really know, how long does it take to swell after being bit? Surely she won't
die? As for a 24 hr emergency for animals, heck no! it always seems that is when i need one the most, the middle of the night! the only one open today, is a vet whom I'd rather not go to but you can bet I'll be there waiting! Poor girl, she looks awful!Thanks again! Please keep her in your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!oh and me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is there a 24 clinic you can ring to ask advice, not necessarily in your town but just someone who can give advice?
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I am glad you calmed down, how is she doing now? As for swelling after a spider bite, it all depends. Factors can be, what kind of spider, how poisonous was it, did she scratch the bite area and make it worse, is she alergic to spiders. It only takes a second to get bit. One thing you can do is take a good look at the main area of the swelling. Can you tell if there are bite marks. They will look like two tiny holes, close together. My cat has yet to be bitten thank god, but my DH suffers horably. IT seems like spiders like they way he taste. I always look for two litlle holes and once I see them I know for sure. you can try to apply a warm compress, if it is a bite, it helps draw out any poison, also a cold compress will help with swelling.

If it is a bite the most important thing is keep her calm, don't let her play to much and get her heart rate up. Its the same thing in animals as humans. The faster the blood flow the faster toxins will move through the body. Keep her calm and relaxed. Give her lots of love and keep her drinking.

Please do try and call an ER vet. Maybe try your regular clinic office and see if they have a recording with an emergency number. If that does not work just plan on having her at the clinic office the moment they open, call ahead and leave a message if you must. I saw you live in Texas, they have some mean old spiders there. You have a little more than 4 hours to go, you can make it. Brew a pot of coffee and stay with her.
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Get her to a vet ASAP! It sounds like a spider bite and those, depending on the spider, can be lethal.

I hope she will be ok.
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She won't even let me touch her face, much less put a compress on it, and will not cooperate to letting me look for any bit marks. she is sleeping or resting now, she is not one to let you hold her and love on her. although the night i rescued her she slept on my neck and shoulder, she basically stayed there she was so little, but now she just won't let you pick her up and hold her, only sometimes, and then she starts pushing away from you until you let her down. But she will sleep on top on me or has to be touching or sleeping very close to me or the other cats. she was taken away from her mom way to early!!! "Lord, just keep her safe until I can get her help!" thanks again for being here for me!!!
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Look in the yellow pages for veterinary clinics in your area and call all of them. There may be an emergency number given out.
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Boy I can tell I've gotten older, cause I used to think staying up all night was cool!!!
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Here are 3 that I found in google. There may be more in your yellow pages. One of these must have emergency after hours service.

(903) 796-1169 | 616 E MAIN ST ATLANTA, TX

Atlanta Animal Hospital\t
(903) 796-7417 | 1830 S William St Atlanta, TX

Cass County Veterinary Clinic\t
(903) 796-4137 | 102 E Pinecrest Dr Atlanta, TX
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i just called my vet, his answering service took my call and they are calling
him as we speak! she said he already had one call earlier, so she didn't mind
calling him again! Hopefully I'll know something soon!
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Thank God! Let us know what he says.
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You're offline now. I hope that is a positive thing and means that you are on your way to meet your vet at his office with your baby girl!!
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GiGi has a snake bite! She is so lucky, and so am I, for all of you who
help a sister out even in the wee hours of the morning!!! I thought I was
going to explode before 8:00 came around! Bless her heart, I thought her head was going to explode too it was getting so big!!! we are at home and
on the mend!!!! I am so grateful for the friends here!!!! I love ya'll!! So does

Monique & GIGI
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She's a very lucky girl! I'm sure she is thankful! Good luck vibes for a quick recovery!
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a snake bite in y0ur apartment????
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How did she get bit by a snake indoors? I hope you checked your bedroom.

What did they do for her at the vets?
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I'm so glad she is going to be okay!
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
a snake bite in y0ur apartment????
Naw! i don't live in an apartment! I have a house in the country,
my cats go in and out! I know alot of people on the site frown on that
but I allow some freedom, they love it! I understand that things are going
to happen outside, but for the most part I have been very fortunate!
I can't imagine all 4 being inside 24/7 365! They would tear up my house!
which isn't the biggiest house and it's all we have. They all come in at night
though and sleep inside. and if by chance they accidently miss the last call,
on my deck, i put a canopy, it acts as a cover for the deck, they will
climb up the side of one of the posts and sleep up there all night like a hammock. they also can jump from it onto the roof, which I call it the lookout tower. they watch everything that goes on from up there!
have a great day!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
How did she get bit by a snake indoors? I hope you checked your bedroom.

What did they do for her at the vets?
she was outside whenever she was bit. he looked at how swollen her head
was, checked it out real good, he then gave her a shot of antibiotic, say it looked like a snake bit and not a spider bit, then he gave me liquid antibiotic, to give her twice a day and that was it, he said the swelling will start going down by the end of the day, and it did, he said that the reason for the antibiotic take home meds. was because the snakes fangs are dirty, and it could cause further infection! thanks for your concern

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Glad GiGi is going to be ok!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Glad GiGi is going to be ok!
Thanks so much!! Me too!!! Your siggy made me cry! So Sorry!
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