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My husband is amazing!

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He brought home a box tonight and wasn't going to let me open it until next month which I told him was horrible and I've been down all day so I should be allowed to open it.

So he let me

And it was a......

Pregnancy belly cast kit!!!

So just before we have Joshua, we're going to do a cast of my belly to keep. How thoughtful is that???

Here's some cool examples of what you can do with it afterwards:

He's such a good guy
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That was so sweet of him. What are you going to do with it? I vote for painting the casting like your kitties.

One other thing you should think about having done is the pregnancy photos. I know a ton of photographers ofer it now. It sounds weird but when you are in your last trimester they take shots of you , almost nude at full belly mode in black and white. some are the most beutiful shots I have ever seen.

Just google pregnancy photos and look at the images. Some photographers capture the moment so well it will bring tears to your eyes.
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Wow! I've never heard of anything like that. I think that's wonderful! He's definitely a keeper!
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That's so cool!

You have a real keeper honey.
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what a great gift my friend!....
your husband is a marvellous man!...and you´re a lucky girl!
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Awww Sarah what a nice thing for him to do...Those are cool
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Oh that is cool!!! To add to what KarmasMom said, one of my friends had pregnancy photos done with her second and they were gorgeous! The photographer had their first little one in some of the pics too. They made her a slideshow to music on a disk too.
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that's really really cool sarah,

i think our husbands must have a 'present' streak going right now. DH just told me I can get the handmade purse I wanted...(i think he felt guilty for eating my dinner leftovers)
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