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Update on Nine Kittens

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They're EIGHT weeks old and all doing amazingly well! However, the mom cat is in heat, so I've started making calls to get her shots (remember, she's a stray) and then spayed. Poor thing...I wish I could do something to help her!

(quick background - my partner has a home in PA, that is where the cat and kittens are, and I have an apartment in NYC)

I have 2 female cats in my apartment in New York. They are 9 and 7 (mom and "daughter", black mom and tortoise shell daughter). My partner really wants me to take one of the kittens home to my one bedroom apartment. I haven't decided yet, but since I have two females, would it be better to bring another female home or does it matter? I love ALL of the kittens , so I haven't set my heart on any one in particular.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Personally, I would add a male to the mix.

Also, I would introduce TWO kittens, not just one. A new kitten by itself won't really bond with two adult cats, IMO.
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I agree with the above. Females tend to be more territorial and resentful of new kittens. They accept another male quicker then another female. Personally I'd take a male vs female any day. All my females (spayed or not) did not like other females coming in; they would accept the boys better.

The boys...well they could care less who was coming in - they got along with everybody (and I had one breeding male who didn't spray and loved anyone).
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OK, if I decide to keep a kitten, I'll take a male. Thanks!

New dilemma/question:

My partner has the kittens/mom cat at her house in PA. Once school starts, she is in New York City at least 3 days a week, often more than that (and stays w/me in my apartment). All summer she's been wanting to keep Katie and 2 of the kittens. Now she's having second thoughts because of not being home much.

SO - she wanted me to post this and get your opinion. Is she being selfish by wanting the cats even though she's not going to be home much, or will they be ok? She'd have to have someone come over to empty the litter box, and she's also worried about the kittens scratching everything (there's a lot of wood in the house).

Lots of emotions involved here! Help! Thanks!
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Please reply, all you great loving cat people out there! Thank you!!!! We're in such an emotional dilemma!
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In theory, with the right plans in place for their entire lifetime, it could work to have the cats at home and owner away for 3 days per week, especially if they learn to get used to the routine early, and are given plenty of attention.

However, it would take a lot of commitment from your partner's neighbour(s) to go in 2 or 3 times every week, to feed, do litter tray and give the cats some affection. Can your partner be sure to find someone willing to take on the commitment for up to 20 years??

If the answer is yes, I would say it could work. But over time surely that routine would be a drag to all concerned, and the cats may suffer if it slips.

That would be my concern. I'd be interested to hear what others think.

Good luck to you and your partner in making the decision.

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