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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
The Bible mentions a lot of things that no longer have any validity. Besides the Bible is just a story book written by mortal men. Isn't it just possible that they could have included some of their own prejudice?
That would be a wrong statement.
I dont feel like typing the many parts of it, the History that has been proven to be true. But of course, people may think what they will, That is where free will comes in.
Back on topic

the only thing the bible says about gay sex that i can remember is it says dont do it. I dont remember anything in the bible where it says anything else. Any punshiment, etc, is man made. In this case as in many others,
it is not humans job to judge. But like many on both sides of faith debate,
they do seem to forget that part.
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That's true to an extent, Bruce, but if it isn't human's job to judge, why do we have laws, and courts, and governments? The bible says, `Thou shalt not kill' - and so if what you're saying is true, all killers should be left to be judged by God and are not punishable by man.

It's a nice ideal, but unrealistic. God does not exist on earth amongst us in an immediate and tangible way, and so we have to resort to our own judgements and laws otherwise we would have nothing but chaos. And I thought that was the province of the devil.

And you can't refer to people on `both sides' forgetting that it's not humankind's job to judge. People on one of those sides don't have a God or religion or a higher power that they believe in, so to them, the only judgement possible has to come from humans.
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OKAY, friends. I think we've beaten this one sufficiently, and have agreed that what the church of the original post did was wrong. Doesn't seem to be much else to say on the topic, or we wouldn't still be digressing. So, if you want to discuss homosexuality, the veracity of the Bible, evolution/creation, or any of the other topics that keeps creeping in here, please start a thread about it, and stay on topic. This one is now closed.
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