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Hi, I'm Judy. I was born and raised in northern Minnesota.
My husband's name is Stan. I have had many kinds of animals, from horses, timber wolves, skunks, dogs, Angora rabbits, and even a raccoon. Now I have Siberian cats.
I raised French Angora rabbits for many years, teaching myself to spin the fur into yarn. I also spin the dogs and cats fur!
I am very interested in cat genetics, especially coat color.
I also study nutrition and how it relates to the cat.
Happy New Year to Everone!

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Welcome Judy!

So glad to see you here! I hope you like it here.

Wow, wolves? skunks? a racoon? Where did you get them? This sounds fascinating - I'd love to hear some more.
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Hi Judy,

Nice to meet you. Sounds like you are a real animal person. Do you still have all of these guys or just the cats? All of my experience is in cats and dogs. I have always lived in a city. I also am very interested in cat genetics. I am fairly new but have been working closley with a geneticist. She has been helping me as I go. I look forward to hearing what you have to say
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Hi Sandie, and thank you!
I don't have all of them anymore. Right now, I have the cats, three Golden Retrievers, a Bichon, and some laying hens. I still spin. I have a lot of yarn and I am thinking of making handspun, handknit purr pads, for the "feline who has everything"! They do love the angora. They carry the little "mice" around and growl and kill them many times during the day. They take my scarves, too!
What geneticist are you working with? It is great fun, isn't it?
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Sounds like you still have a handful! I have the 10 cats and only 1 dog. He is enough for now. We are military and still have only a small yard. He is a mutt of course, I volunteer a lot with animal rescue and he stole our hearts.
The geneticist I am breeding with and talking to is Solveig Pflueger. She lives here in CT. She is a very nice woman. I am no where near expert but would like to learn as much as possible. I also talk to a woman named Irene Brounstein. She is good with colors and such. We also activly show in a small association. The cats are a big part of our lives. We will probably have to move this question, but you said you breed the Siberians. I have been seeing a lot of Raggamuffins, which are large like the Maine Coon cats also. Have you heard anything regarding the allergy problem with them?
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I have not heard anything regarding the Raggamuffins, other than they are the solid colored offspring from either mismatings or intentional mating to the Ragdolls.
Yes, I have had many conversations with Solveig. Great Gal.
However, she is "very" busy. Never opens her mail hardly.
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I suppose I am lucky enough to live pretty close to her. I have used one of her males for breeding and I have a female who was part of her line. I will have to ask a Raggmuffin breeder about this stuff. I have seen several points in the last show. I am curious as to what they cross with. Hope you have a very Happy New Year!!
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Nice to meet you Judy....sounds like you have had a very interesting collection of animals over the years!!

Happy New Year's to you all! And thanks for joining us Judy!
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