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Well, I must say, Having kittens is a learning curve! But a funny one with their little ways and antics

The new "behavior" the boys are doing and made me giggle is how they sit and watch the telly. It's more if I put animal planet on (I guess cause the animal sounds?)

But there's no mistake they are watching it, as the telly is mounted on the wall above the fire place and their eyes are totally focused on the screen...

I have expect to come home one day and see a kitty attached to the screen lol.

Do any of your kittens/cats do this?
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I once got a pic of Aristotle watching This Old House.

Animal Planet seems to be a favorite among TCS kitties. Not mine. I don't have cable or satellite.
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Oh yeah!! My girls love the funniest video's on there!
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Mine actually prefer the computer. They love to watch the cursor move :p
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Mine mostly ignore the tv, maybe it's cause I watch boring stuff? There's nothing interesting about science and history documentaries to a cat.

I do have a little video of Tomas watching a Bon Jovi music vid and pictures of him watching a badger that was on some Animal Planet show. I wish I had my camera nearby when Sho was watching the crocodile on tv, the expression on his face and the way he creeped across the floor towards the tv was hilarious.
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Originally Posted by Abstract View Post
Mine actually prefer the computer. They love to watch the cursor move :p
lol mine are obsessed with my mouse curser, many a time they have head butted the screen.
What else makes me laugh is when they go behind the screen looking for it, but can't figure out why it isn't back there too!
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Oliver's a tv junkie, just like his mama He loves animal planet and sports... he's been known to try to catch animals on the tv screen and/or balls/pucks/cars during various sports programs... in fact, if everyone will be out of the house and Oliver and the dog will be home alone, 1 tv must be left on (always gets flipped to AP) or Oliver WILL find trouble to get into... it never fails.... he loves to hang slightly off the edge of the bed and stare at the screen... apparently, I'm a big influence on him
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