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Happy update on abused Chihuahua!

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A few months ago, I posted about this poor little dog that had been severly beaten and thrown into the woods to die. It was rescued by a neighbor, and the Marine responsible arrested on a felony animal abuse charge. He has been named Tiger by his foster family, and is recovering from his injuries. Out of over 70 applications to adopt him, a retired couple has been selected to give him a permanant home. They have a toy poodle that immediately befriended Tiger, and so he will have a family and a friend. He is so smart that he puts his own toys away, and has turned into a happy little dog again. There was a picture of him in the paper this morning, and he is adorable. The jerk that hurt him has a court date of January 21, and I hope there will be people from Carolina Animal Protection Society there. I will join them if there are. I may go anyway, if not. They said this is the worst case of animal abuse in this county's history, and are hoping that they will make an example of this guy. After the civilian court gets done with him, he will probably be punished by the Marine Corps. They do not look kindly upon such conduct.
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I am moving this to SOS where the original story about the abused animal is. Thanks!
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Thanks for the update. I hope the abuser gets what he deserves!
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I'm so glad he got a good home. Let us know the outcome of the trial, please.
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I'm sure glad there is a happy ending to this story for Tiger. I hope there is an equal amount of justice for the pathetic excuse of a human who did that to him. I'm sure the Marines will take care of him, no matter what the civilian courts decide.
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Please make sure you go. The defence lawyers apparently have a hard time when there are witnesses and support people in the audience. GOOD! I hope he gets what he deserves. Thanks for the update, a happy ending is what we all need to hear.
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I'm sure he'll get what he deserves That jerk
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