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Eye closed back up

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My four two week old kittens opened their eyes over the past several days.

One of the little kittens, who was one of the first to have his eyes open, has closed one eye.

Is this common and does it clear itself up or do I have to take action fast???

What should I do??
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It should be ok. Is there any kind of discharge? Is he keeping it shut? Maybe call the vet and ask them if you should bring them in.
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if they were open and now they are pressed back shut again, I would put warm water on a washcloth and hold it over the eyes. Gently wipe them until the crust comes off and they eyes can open back up. If the eyes are all red or puffy, then I would take them to the vet for ointment.
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Oh thank you both so much.

I was thinking of wiping the little eye gently with a washcloth but wasn't sure if I should do that.

It's not swollen or anything, just shut.

I was sitting here panicking that the little guy would have his first vet visit really early.

I'll try that later when my husband gets home to see if it works out.
If not, I hope I can get in touch with a vet on the weekend.
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Might sound weird, but you can get an old pair of clean cotton underpants and cut it up for the fabric. Way softer than washcloths.
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Ok I've been doing the warm washcloth on his eyes for a couple of days and one of the eyes opened, but the other is still sealed shut.

Any advice until I can call the vet in the morning?
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Ok let's update this.

I spoke with an emergency vet when this was happening, who told me to apply warm compresses twice a day, as this is very common when eyes begin to open and if there's any change to take him into the vet.

Well. There was an improvement at first.....until yesterday. Yesterday when I went in, his eyes were closed completely, when they had been open and getting better as far as the crusties go.

Not only that, but when I cleaned them out, there was green pus-like substance coming out. This was late last night. So today, we are calling the vet again to bring him in ASAP.

I was so horrified yesterday...after I cleaned his eyes they opened again, but CLEARLY there is an infection if anything green is coming out!!!!

I'm praying that little angel gets better quick, this will be my first time applying medicine to a tiny babies eyes.
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Awww poor little baby - but yes, the vet needs to clear those eyes up - might just be a mild infection. Get well soon vibes coming your way
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