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Why cant i vote?

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Every time I attempt to vote on a caption this thread it says I cant. Any insight on this?
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I have the same problem with my computer at home, where I use AOL. I have no problems when my internet access is Microsoft. Could that be the reason?
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Please contact Anne at anne@thecatsite.com

Hopefully she can fix it, or if its your computer you'll at least know then.
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Thank-you, I wrote her.
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Just a reminder- she is twelve hours ahead of us, so right now, she is sleeping.
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You are the second person this week who has mentioned this problem. I hadn't heard about the AOL thing before. Perhaps that is the problem. Hopefully Anne will know the answer.
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I wasnt expecting Anne to answer right away i know she is busy. I hope it is something easy to fix. I love to add my input. LOL
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And we love it when you do!
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Denise, I was just reminding people. Some may not know that she is so far ahead of us time-wise. I meant nothing bad when I said that.

I know that it has something to do with your cookies being enabled and then she has to change something on your profile ( I think) I really do not know about this kind of thing. Deb25- don't you know?
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I am clueless on this one. I do know I had a PM from Kittycuz while I was away complaining about the same problem.
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Denise - I PM'd you about this. The problem is somewhere in your browser definition. I logged in under your name and had no problem voting.

I know this sometimes happens with some users. Usually if you make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies you shouldn't have a problem.
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My browser is set to accept cookies or not accept them as they come up. I had to do this due to some recent problems on another forum.

But I was having problems before I made that change. And, yes, I am an aol user.

I just checked my cookies and the cat site cookie is on it. Probably for the log-in. Would that be the only cookie from this site or not?
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