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Rotti Girls

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I saw Gomer's thread about the Rotti's and thought I'd post some pics of my girls...

Polly unfortunately passed away on Monday,,, I miss her soo much.. She was soo loving and beautiful...

Here are some pics of Sheba, who is still with us:

This one is Polly and Sheba

Just Polly,, Rest in Peace little girl:

My daughter, and Sheba laying around...

Polly,, lookin mean,, but the sweetest girl over the rainbow bridge..

Sheba licking her chops.. LOL
Sheba making a bored face
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My condolences on losing Polly. She looked like she was a special girl. The pictures are just so precious.
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they are gorgeous. I am so sorry about Polly.

I have a rottie mix and she's the best dog I have ever had. she will be 10 in April. she is mixed with golden retriever and lab.
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Beautiful dogs! Sheba has a very kind face, and Polly looks very much like my own Frau. I'm sorry for her loss, I know how hard that is. We lost our old rescue girl almost 2 years ago. She was about 10 or 11 and bloated 1 am the sunday of a long weekend. We took her to the e-vet but the prognosis was very poor. She passed in my arms.

Your pain is a testament to your love. If you hadn't loved her so much, it wouldn't hurt so much. Give your pretty Sheba a kiss for me, and some friendly body-slams from my girls.
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They are beautiful.

I hope you add pics of Spike and Spike & Sheba when you can.
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They are goregous!!! Now dont foget to post pics of your newest member!!
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I love rotties, I have a 8yr old rottie and maybe shepherd mix Belle, she is the most calm and sweet dog ever. I'm sorry to hear about polly.
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I am soo sorry about Polly! I bet she's running happily over the RB now though! Your Sheba is gorgeous!!! I'm partial to rotties! I had to very sweet ones growing up!!
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im sorry for your loss and she is cute
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