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How to prepare a sitz bath?

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Ok Im having an issue and I want to try a sitz bath but I am confused???? I dont want to buy the kit when I can just use my tub. All the descriptions say just use warm water???? Is there something else I am suppose to ad to the water for certain conditions?? I have never done a sitz bath before and after all my reasearch I am getting confused... Do I use sea salt/epsom salt, saline, or just water... This is so frustrating... What to do????
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I know when my niece had her first baby, Kaitlynn, all she was told to use for her sitz bath was warm water. After she would use the ladies room, she would put the sitz bath thing on the toilet and was told to just sit there in the warm water for a few minutes (it helps the swelling/tenderness in that area). I wouldn't add anything to the water without checking with your doctor first.
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Thats what I am thinking... Im not going to the doc as of now. I have seen the doc twice in the past week in a half (two different docs) and both have misdiagnosed me. Im pretty sure I know what the issue is (one I know of for sure) but Im looking to try some at home treatment first before I go and waste my money with careless doctors again...
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Trixie23,,, After I had my daughter I had to do sitz baths..

It's just warm water and epsom salt.. It doesn't feel wonderful,, but check with a doctor..
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See I dont want to get to technical but this isnt for a vaginal issue so Im not sure if I should use the epsom salts? I was thinking of calling the free nurses through my healthcare provider, to see if they can make a suggestion?
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Mom has internals and she uses the wipes that seems to help... I would suggest the warm water with some herbs( I have to go look it up )
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Any advice is acceptable and welcomed, Im not sure if salts would hurt (ouchies)... I have sea salt but no epsom salt. If I cant figure out which route to go, I guess I will try some warm water first...
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at least you know warm water is not harmful
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Most sitz baths are just warm water.

However if there is an wound that needs cleansing, then sometimes the sitz bath is done with saline solution (salt water).

I've never done a sitz bath at home, but in the hospital we have what is called a "sitz bath hat" that you position under the toilet seat. Then you sit on the seat and using a squeeze bottle filled with the warm water or saline solution, squirt the water in the area that is needed. Refill the bottle and repeat. Do that a few times.

Ideally, depending on what the sitz bath is for IE: infected wound or yeast infection, you do not want to sit in a tub because cross contamination can happen. However if it's just for hemroids then sitting in a warm bath tub is fine.
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A bath in epsom salt and warm water did wonders when I had a UTI. It may help you too if you believe its an infection.
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Try a nice warm sitz bath followed by a gauze pad soaked in witch hazel.
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Back in 2001 I had a fissure and would try sitz baths using just warm water to try and help me feel better (both before and after surgery). Sometimes they helped, sometimes they didn't.
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