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bully cat

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Some people have told me that male orange tabbies are naturally aggressive. Is this true? Mine is almost a year old, and he bullies our two other cats...they are just minding their own business and he will walk up to them and be mean as hell! And even last night, when I was paying attention to one of the other cats, I guess he got jealous and scratched my nose (bled pretty bad)! He doesn't seem to let up without me or my husband stepping in, even if they are screaming and hissing at him. We separate them sometimes and it calms them down, but it's only temporary. He's very affectionate towards humans, except when we pay any attention to the other two cats, but otherwise they don't bother him! Any suggestions? Is he just going through a male "teenager" phase? Is he just jealous?
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It has been my experience that orange kitties have one of the best temperments around. They are my favorites by far. I have two orange boys right now and they both are very mellow except when they are not feeling right. I would say a vet check might be in order for your kitty just to be sure he is okay. He may also just be the one the mom chose to be the dominant of the litter and is continuing with what she instructed him to be- the dominant of the group.
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Is he neutered? If not, the testosterone is probably raging through his body and making him behave aggressively.

My orange male is the sweetest cat of the bunch. And the feral orange tabby we care for outside is the only feral so far who hasn't fought with the vet.

The only time my orange cat ever became aggressive was when he was sick. I agree with Hissy, that you may need to take him to the vet to be on the safe side...AND...get him neutered if he is not already!
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My Leo, now gone was a big 22lb. bundle of orange tabby sweetness. The others, less than half his size would bully him and make him cry. I had to watch to make sure the others didn't take his food, because he would seldom take up for himself.
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Both are loving and gentle. I think it is a domince thing too. ALWAYS pet him, greet him, and feed him FIRST! If you back him up as the "boss" with the other guys that should stop the fighting!
Just to be safe take him to the vet too! Good luck!
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I had an orange male cat, Muggsy Bogues. He had the sweetest temperament I have ever seen. He has crossed over, bless his soul. Everyone in my family LOVED that cat to bits, he was a real baby LOL
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he's neutered already...we think he just gets jealous of us paying attention to the other cats because other than that, he is by far the most affectionate and affection hungry. I really don't know what could be wrong with him physically...nothing's changed in his environment and he seems normal. But I guess a visit to the vet wouldn't hurt.
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