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My Gang

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Here are some pics of my kitties

Charlie is a 7 year old Maine coon mix I rescued 4 years ago, all black and loves the world. My Daughter calls him Prince Charles because he thinks he is king..lol

Bella is my 3 year old Calico, I am sure there is a cool name for her coloring, I call her my patchwork quilt of a cat...lol

My newest little guy is a Siamese he is 9 weeks old. I think we might call him Titan (cause he thinks he is 10 feet tall) with in all honesty he is only about 4 inches tall...lol

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What beautiful kitties you have! Sounds like they all have great personalities too!
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They are gorgeous!
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They are all gorgeous!!
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They are all just beautiful, I love the Siamese guy, so cute!!
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Awww, look at little Titan's gorgeous baby blues!
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Awwww so cut blue eyes
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