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Can ya'll help me?? I need to talk this out..

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Hey all,, (I know this thread is about our dog,, but there alot of people on here with dogs, and ones without that have wonderful wonderful advice, thanks for bearing with me)

So as alot of you know I lost my rotti on Monday to the heat.. Horrible horrible day in our life... But it left us with Sheba our other girl all alone. She's been in the basement all week due to heat, plus a change in atmophshere because she's quite upset about losing Polly... We can just tell..

Anyways,, I found two rotti at a shelter near me,, both boys,, not girls. But they are soo cute, and needing home.. Here is my list of questions on ya'll thoughts..

A.) Is it too soon to adopt another dog?
B.) Is it the right time,, empty spaces need filled? and Sheba is without a friend?
C.) Is it smart to go with a boy dog since Sheba is a girl dog?
D.) Should we stick with a girl dog instead of a boy dog?

Thanks for ya'll input!!
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I think the questions should be more geered towards you and Sheba.

Are you two ready for a new dog in your life?

Sure it fills the gap that Polly left behind, but are do you feel healed from the experience. The worse that could happen is that you adopt a new dog and because its not the same as polly both you and sheba reject the animal.

If you do decide that its time, then find a couple of dogs that you like from your local shelter and see if you can bring Sheba in to experience them. The go with the one that she seems to buddy up with.
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Hmm only you will know if its to soon, WWhen my grandmas dog dies she said she would nevr have a nother dog, 3 weeks later she had a new rescue puppy the same breed as her old dog, a boarder collie, and it ended up being the right decision for her, we all thought it was to soon but it definatly turned out to be the right decision.

as for the other questions I am sorry but I dont know to you and sheba
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only you can tell if its the right time. your still greiving. but, if you bring your girl to meet the new one, and they hit it off, it could be the right therapy for all concerned.
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We're still very sad about losing Polly, don't get me wrong..

I just think that at this point,, we need to move on, and eventually it's gonna cool down, and Sheba can go back outside to her kennel, and deep down in my heart I don't want her to be outside by herself.
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If your heart is ready, then it would probably be a good idea to let your doggie meet the new boys. She may hate them; she may love them. Let her decide.

I wish you the best of luck and send condolences for your loss.
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Only you know when its time to adopt another. It might work better with opposite sex - assuming all are spayed/neutered.

I don't think Keno would like another female dog; she likes cats better then dogs which is fine in our house as DH says "only one dog".
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