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so that lady with 130 cats, have you seen this video?

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I feel so bad for them
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Good grief! Seeing all those cats jump all over each when she brings in the food is just crazy! Poor kitties.....
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I fail to see the difference.
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Sorry, but the cats all look healthy and very well fed.
They are no fights, which tells me they aren't stressed.
The room is clean.
There are no kittens evident.

I can almost gaurantee that the cats were all put in a single room strictly for video purposes.

My own well fed cats jump around like starving morons too.
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Wow, another eccentric lady who loves cats. They seem fine and the lady looks like she enjoys them.

Just gotta love those 'cat' ladies!!
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Ah well maybe I'm just crazy then. Even if the cats are healthy and well take of of it still doesn't feel right. I mean if she were running a shelter of some kind I could understand but she owns all these cats herself right? I don't just seems a bit extreme to me.
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I dunno, I feel bad cuz I've got 15 cats total, indoors & outdoors. They always act starved for attention & I don't feel like I can give all of them adequate attention every day. I feel like those cats don't always get the one on one love they crave.

But, they do look healthy to me....
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The thing is, there is so little information, we really don't know if she owns them all.
She rescues them from the streets of Moscow, where they would probably die of disease if not freezing to death in winter.
She's currently got 131, but we really don't know how much fluctuation there is.
What if she is running a shelter?
My MIL runs one out of her home for mostly special needs or hard to adopt kitties.
How many are permanant?
How many are for adoption?
How many simply come by for a meal and then leave and go about their lives?

We simply don't know, as I said, there was really not enough information to make a judgement, other than the fact that they all look healthy and well fed.
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my bf had read an artical about it the day before and they all live in a one room flat and are all hers from what I understand, I'll go look it up....
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