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Thursday DT

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Well, don't I feel a fool. I trotted off to work this morning, got logged on and started doing some work. I thought it was a bit strange that I was the only one in the office. In walks my boss at 10am asking me why I was there! He had just popped in to collect his e-mails. Yes, silly me is due back at work on Monday, not today. Huzzah - an extra two days off on my jollies, but I don't get paid as I'm a temp (boo hiss).

Hope everyone is having a good day!
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My sister did the exact same thing. SHe is a nurse now, but when she was a student she went trotting off to work (part of her rotation or summat) and went on to make the beds and one of the nurses came up to her and said 'what the heck are you doing here?' Erin (my sister) was mystified and said 'Im supposed to work, right?', and it turned out it was her day off. She was soo embarrassed but I said that is dedication.
She really loves her job, and her teacher once said that she was not good enough for working with kids, which we all know is crap because she has a daughter of her own and when she worked in the pediatric ward, the supervisors there said she was wonderful with the kids (I attribute that to having a big family!)

On my end, my day has just begun, but I spent all morning preparing a diet and exercise plan for me to lose weight. As soon as I get off the computer, I plan to go for my walk, as I started my (planned) daily 30 minute walks yesterday, and sweated it all off.

Has anybody seen the movie "Signs'? I am thinking of renting it out on DVD when it comes out, (Mel Gibson - hunka hunka burning love!) and want to know if it is worth watching?

I hope everybody has a wonderful day!
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I saw Signs and I definitely recommend it. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and has a surprise ending.
Mel Gibson - hunka hunka burning love!
I absolutely and totally agree. what is your fav movie with him? Mine is definitely Braveheart.
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I like a lot of his movies....I really cant pick a favourite because he is such a good actor. Oh no now I remember - 'Forever Young', it is one of my very favourite movies.
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Looking at a quiet day, here. I've been out on the patio, watching the Doggie Olympics. They've had a marathon game of "Tag" and a wrestling match going on.

We're supposed to be in the 70s, for the rest of the week.

Have a god day, all.
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I will not be on much for the next little while (I really mean it this time!). I was asked today to lead training next week and I only have 2 days to prepare. So next week I will only be able to log in on breaks and lunch and the week after (Jan 12 to 20th) I am on holidays in Mexico.

I hope everyone is having a nice day. It is freezing in T.O. today with mega snow predicted (ick!).
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I saw Signs. I thought it was very good and very suspenseful. The person I saw it with did not like it as much as The Sixth Sense. He felt the same way about Unbreakable. I liked all 3.

I just returned from a 5 day jaunt to New York City. It was cold and snowy. I wandered around the city for 3 solid days and had a blast. For a Florida transplant like me, it was so great to bundle up again. I would move back there in a heartbeat, if circumstances permitted.

I visited many of the things I had not seen since I was a kid, like the Museum of Natural History, the Planetarium, and the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, the Statue it self was closed (since 9/11), but the ferry ride was great. I also spent some time at Ellis Island. My friend and I looked up our ancestors that came through there. They also have a site online where you can search. It is some fascinating stuff (at least I think so!).

For all you Seinfeld fans, we ate twice at the soup kitchen made even more famous by the "Soup Nazi" episode. The soup was awesome! And the guy is pretty much just like the character in the show.

All in all, a great trip.
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The 70's?!?!?!?!? That would be hard to take!! lol KIDDING! We have a winter storm watch thing going on here. LOVELY. Can I move???

Speaking of about that one with Nicole Kidman? "The Others"!!! That was really weird!
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Today has been busier that I thought it would be, since Monday and Tuesday it was practically dead in here. I guess a lot of people are getting back into the swing of things again after the holidays.

School starts next Monday, and I am NOT thrilled to go back. I don't even have my books yet! Sometimes its just too much to work full time and go to school.

Kiwi-I saw signs a while back and I loved it! It is definitely worth watching. Let us know what you think of it, if you end up seeing it.
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Well, I seriously hope I am back for good.

This holiday season has been a little tough. I have had my fair share of funeral parlors for a while.

*crossing fingers and praying that this coming year goes better than last year ended*

It is pretty cold here also. The wind is what really makes it worse. It just knocks the breathe out of you.

I haven't seen too many movies. The last one I did see was "Country Bears" and I have to admit I liked it!!!! Having an 8 year old as well as a 4 year old allows you to sit down and watch movies you normally wouldn't.

My aunt came home with me and is staying for a week. She decided to come and help out until things get a little bit back to normal. So, right now, she is at home preparing meals for me. How nice is that???? I think I am going to enjoy having her around.
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Work is definitely getting back to normal. The boss came back and dumped a bunch of stuff on me that has to go out today and tomorrow. Of course, he knew about all of this 2 weeks ago before he went on vacation, but he wasn't organized enough to get it to me when it was dead here for the holidays.

I saw Signs a while back, and like everyone else, I definitely recommend it. It's kinda sad that everyone compares M. Night Shalaman's (I think that's his name ) movies to Sixth Sense. Yes, that was a great movie, but it's not like the others are all sequels to it. They should be able to stand on their own. Anyway, I'm a big Jaoquin Phoenix fan, so he made seeing Signs worth it to me. Mel looks pretty good too. Aside from the eye candy, it is a good movie and does keep you on the edge of your seat.
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I'm having a really horrible, horrible day. First of all, yesterday I watched the Animal Planet all day, which was having the ASPCA rescues in NYC all day. How depressing was that.

So as if crying my eyes out yesterday wasn't enough, today we FINALLY got to go pick up Julius. The lady called us in the morning, and said "I know we...but..." We specifically asked her NOT to crate Juli because they terrorized and badly hurt Spooky trying to catch her to get her in the crate. She wanted us to come pick him up that minute. I should write all this in that thread.

SUffice it to say it was horrible. I was crying than I've cried since I can remember. He wasn't hurt, thank god, but he was a mess, covered in his own urine and feces. We're going to press charges. Thank God they have strong animal cruelty laws here. Even neglect is a misdemeanor. The best we can hope for is for them to banned from owning animals for three years, but that with a hefty fine is better than nothing.

I'm NEVER adopting one of our cats without visiting the home again (Booger excluded).

Then I got an e-mail from BOoger's new mum saying a friend of hers can pick her up tomorrow. BUT BOOGER HASN'T BEEN HERE yesterday or today. I'm down to 2 hours and 45 minutes before the Vet closes. One day is not much notice for us to get the health certificate! We couldn't get it already because they're only good for 7 or 10 days, so it's not like we could just have one waiting.

Gary and I are stressed to the max. I've been crying for two days, I feel like a piece of sh*& for adopting out Julius and Spooky to these horrible people, and Booger's not here.

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Laurie, You know we're all hoping with you that Rocky shows up any minute! You've had a rough day. Bless your heart.

Everyone has had a more productive week than I have. Deb, I envy you. I have always wanted to go out to the Statue, but it seems that I'm always with a group who absolutely have to be somewhere right away, and I would destroy their plans if we took the time! My mother and father came here from Gt. Britain, and Mom said Lady Liberty was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.

I am hoping to see "Signs" soon. Also, isn't there an eerie film with Harrison Ford? What's the name of that one? I want to see "The Panic Room." I have to rent them when they hit the video stores.
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I saw Panic Room a while ago and I really enjoyed it, you should rent it, it came out before christmas on dvd and vhs.
The only eerie Harrison Ford movie I can remember is 'What Lies Beneath', with Michelle Pfeiffer. I really liked it also, very spooky.
If you like eerie movies, I highly recommend 'Dragonfly' with Kevin Costner, its not a scary kind of spooky but it is worth seeing.
I just finished watching Clint Eastwood's latest movie 'Blood Work', while it was good, I solved the crime LOL. I have XXX waiting for me to diesel...mmm....
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I really was disappointed that she is closed to visitors. I grew up in Northern Jersey, and the one and only time we went there, we only went as far up as the elevators at the top of the pedestal. My mother is afraid of heights, so we didn't go up in the Statue. I hope she reopens, as I would like to take my kids. Just looking up at her was awe-inspiring. Both of my grandparents came through Ellis Island from Great Britain as well.

You can access the Ellis Island computer system online. I had a great time looking around and finding out about my grandparents' arrival.

American Family Immigration History Center

If you are interested, there's another site worth checking into as well.
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I appreciate that info!
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Here's the other site.

Family Search Internet Genealogy Service

I spent some time there today and found my great grandparents in the 1881 British Census. My mother's current husband is very big into genealogy and has traveled the world researching his family tree.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
I saw Panic Room a while ago and I really enjoyed it, you should rent it, it came out before christmas on dvd and vhs.
The only eerie Harrison Ford movie I can remember is 'What Lies Beneath', with Michelle Pfeiffer. I really liked it also, very spooky.
I've been waiting for a REALLY scary movie and have never been satisfied. I found Panic Room a yawn since nothing really happened. They just got in that closet and waited while the bungling burglers fought among themselves. It was more of a Laurel and Hardy episode!

I think I analyze plots too much. Or, I'm usually really disatisfied with the ending. I feel like some movies waste too much of their budgets on special effects and instead should spend that money on detail and a worthy script.
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Have you seen the Ring Kassandra? It is supposed to be spooky, lets hope!
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