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So It took aaaaages to get to sleep last night and when I finlally did I was woken up with a jult and I couldnt work out why, until I heard the loudest thunder ever accompanied my a big flash,

Eventually the storm ended I got back to sleep then in what seemed like maybe only half an hour my husband was getting up for work at 620 I wasa only half awake when I said goodbye to him.

I slept in until 830 and was just laying in bed when suddenly everything went really quiet, the fan stopped wering and the airconditioning stopped it was already 87 outside, so I phoned my husband and he said check the fuse box, which was fine and go to the appartment office to see whats up, I step outside and the moisture clings to me, the weather is soooo nasty, there is no air just hot wetness YUK.

There was no ETA on the electricity coming back on but it apparently shouldnt be to long.

As I got back to my apartment the really frail old lady who lives opposite came out and asked me what was going on, her dog yapped at me til I petted it, and she gave me a white basket that she was going to throw away, (I love baskets or anything free that I can do crafty things with!)

As we were talking the general humm of the ac for all the apartment blocks came back on thankfully.

So i sit down at the computer and start checking my emails and I hear this HUGE BANG CRASH and i see Mellow running out of the kitchen, some how he knocked my booby trap off the kitchen side when I wasnt even using it as a booby trap! (ya know when you usse two soda cans tied together to make a barrier on the edge of your counter to stop the cat jumping up, so if they jump it falls and makes a loud crash) well I only put it out at night so I dont know what he did to get it on the floor, but he scared him self silly!